3 thoughts on “Militiamen Leave Bundy Ranch to Fight New Battle Against BLM!

  1. Hmm….another militia event organized and led by our curious friend who we know nothing about, Ryan Payne.

    Also don’t like the fact that they are leaving the Bundy Ranch so soon. Especially since it was 51 days after the government threatened the Davidian Branch compound that they decided to attack in Waco. 51 days since April 12th for the Bundy incident will be June 2nd. At least a crew of militia should stick around until then. This just smells like a distraction and I don’t really trust this Ryan Payne guy. But that’s just me.

    1. i agree NC. too early to pick up stakes and leave the Bundy’s. smells fishy to me. hope were wrong.

      1. Yep, I don’t like this one bit. This seems like a bait to draw the militia away from the Bundy Ranch.

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