Brought to you by cops posing as terrorists: The big sleep

Why is there no trail of blood? Why is he conscious? And why is the knee so far away from his main body?The Rebel – by  John Kaminski

When are we going to wake up?

Will we ever be able to see how our government deliberately turns our joyous days into tragedies, and now has advanced its criminality into killing innocent people as part of a drill to show us why we have to be frisked, molested or irradiated at every public event we attend?  

It’s not exactly new stuff, this Boston Massacre Marathon Drill. For those who still haven’t gotten the message, the Boston Police have admitted and numerous witnesses have observed that before the bombs that killed and maimed hundreds of happy observers of an innocent road race that the authorities were conducting an anti-terror drill during the race.

The bombs that went off on that sunny, happy spring afternoon prove beyond doubt — and once again, for the hundredth time — that it is our government that are the terrorists, and they’re not out to protect us — they’re out to kill us — and rob us and enslave us — while they demonstrate this demented need for security as they themselves create the terror.

How many recent examples do you need?

How about Sandy Hook and Aurora, two psyops that are riddled with questions the government will never answer?

We don’t really know if any of those human beings the cop-controlled media said were killed were actually killed at all, but we do know that if anyone actually was killed — like Adam Lanza and his mother — they were doubtless killed by cops posing as terrorists.

We don’t know if James Holmes actually killed anyone in that Colorado theater complex. We have certainly never seen him in a condition to kill a fly, never mind people. Drugged into a stupor and not permitted to explain what he knew to the public is all we’ve ever seen of him, with all of his history provided by our cop-friendly media.

Anybody who was killed in these so-called terror events was killed by cops, just as so many innocent people are murdered these days by these rampaging thugs in uniforms.

The so-called Sandy Hook massacre was clearly a psyop. A top ranking cop even came out and said anybody who challenges the official version of events could be put in jail, verifying the lies he was spewing. They switched the license plate on the mysterious red van and attached it to Adam Lanza’s Honda. Why would they do that, except to cover up their crimes?

But this kind of deception is not exactly new stuff.

In fact, when you look closely at these phenomena — all of American history, at least throughout the 20th century and probably longer than that— is exactly the same kind of false flag operation, emotionally blackmailing the populace into something they don’t want to do that is not in their best interests.

Think about this, people. Think about the string of catastrophes that have plagued the public mind and diminished the public’s health in recent memory.

Hurricane Sandy? First storm you ever saw with an uncanny S-turn in the worst possible location precisely predicted five days in advance.

And then think back to Hurricane Katrina, when they had to bomb the levies to get the necessary disastrous effect.

The Gulf Oil Spill, on which the same people who run the government made billions by betting the disaster would happen.

Or the crotch bomber and the shoe bomber, and the prosecution of drugged and duped drifters that led us to getting cancer or being sexually molested at airports and other public venues.

The Boston Marathon Massacre is the next step in this adventure. Now we’ll have to be groped — “to protect the public” — at every public event we attend.

We all are tempted to believe that these false flag psyop events are some kind of new phenomenon. Oh, the feckless, badly educated masses consider them to be real enough, and consequently believe what the government tells them, which makes them want to go out and shoot the nearest Muslim, or their next door neighbor who talks about the Second Amendment.

But this activity is not new. It is the essence of American history — leaders foisting a scam on all of us because they have received giant bribes to do so.

The Boston Marathon Massacre stands as merely the latest in a seemingly endless series of deceptions that stretches back through time — Aurora, Sandy Hook, and “killing” Osama bin Laden, the mere mention of whom takes us back to the granddaddy of all American political lies, the 9/11 massacre, which our government refused to let us investigate authentically because it was the trigger that led to the needless deaths of millions of people, which our government wanted to happen.

This is perhaps the most stunning example ever of cops posing as terrorists, and as we can adduce from the events on Boylston Street in Boston on Patriots Day, continues today stronger than ever.

Will we ever wake up and see the spreading scam for what it is?

When you put everything into context and take the wider view — the biotech food, the toxic geoengineering, the mind-dulling fluoride, the carcinogenic radiation, the poison medicine, the legal system that is a cross between the Mafia and an African tribe of cannibals, a school system with all the relevance of a daytime TV soap opera, and a media absolutely uncritical of our killer government, the answer is clearly no — we will not wake up, even as we know we are perishing by the minute.

“The Big Sleep” is the title of a 1939 mystery novel by Raymond Chandler and a euphemism for death. Full of characters who hide their ulterior motives and kill anyone to advance their warped goals, it is a condition that engulfs us today.

The only way the world can escape this imposed amnesia, already so well advanced throughout the world, is to immediately evict and execute all those elected officials who continue to participate in this colossally big lie, who willingly assist in this gigantic terror hoax as a way to get temporarily rich in the deepening twilight of humanity’s slide toward oblivion and extinction.

Enforcing bogus laws, planting evidence, and intimidating the innocent, the cops are today’s terrorists, and the dupes they deceive into the taking the fall are you and me, and all the other millions of oblivious stooges who refuse to see what they’re doing.

12 thoughts on “Brought to you by cops posing as terrorists: The big sleep

  1. Gotta love Kaminski. No deceit, no distractions, and no manipulation. He’s been writing nothing but the unvarnished truth for more than a decade that I’m aware of, and he’s one of the few writers I’d trust to continue doing so.

  2. Familiar Pattern: Hegelian Dialectic: Presented By The Financial Elite.

    Create the problem (even though it does not exist), obtain a panic reaction, provide the preordained solution, which achieves their agenda. They fabricated the “Global Warming” problem, using the media they own, and elicited a panic reaction: Then they provided the aerosol spraying as THE “solution”, in violation of international law: Which held heat in at night that canceled cooling gained by the global dimming, and destroyed considerable ozone: Which made the “problem” actually occur, while poisoning us (and the earth), attaining their depopulation agenda, and making it so only the GMOs they own can be grown: Subjugating the world’s people under their control: While at the same time creating a new “problem” of rapidly melting ice caps and an arctic “methane expansion” problem, using Hegelian Dialect again: Obtain a panic reaction, and provide the preordained solution, which furthers their evil agenda again. Looking back further they used Hegelian dialect repeatedly to centralize production and suppress numerous technologies and inventions to lead us down the primrose path, and herd us to the point that they could falsely “create” the “global warming” “problem”, and implement their profligate plan to entrench their “New World Order”: Where they own everything and rule all under their despotic hand.

  3. Once again here is a course of action:
    From Devvy Kidd web page..

    “Given the increasingly corrupt and treasonous actions of our public officials, which have nearly destroyed our republic, and the almost complete breakdown of the justice system as run by the government, the time has come for we Americans to rise up and use the God-given rights left to us by our founders. We can do this by using citizen- impaneled and administered grand juries to hold presidents like Obama and others at the highest levels of government accountable for the crimes that have driven our nation to the brink of extinction.”

    “Although the customary practice for summoning a federal grand jury is by a court (see Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, or FRCP), such action is mandatory “when the public interest so requires.” Regardless, the FRCP does not preclude citizens from exercising their own rights to impanel grand juries under the Constitution. [See, i.e. Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803), establishing the doctrine of judicial review.] Thus, it is clear that citizens themselves can impanel a grand jury, and if a true bill of indictment results, the courts are technically required to commence proceedings and the executive branch to enforce the court’s edicts. However, if the courts refuse and the executive branch does not carry out its duties by, for instance, arresting the criminally accused, Americans do have a right to make “citizens arrests,” hold trials and legally mete out punishment in their own right. Indeed, this is what occurred in the western part of the United States, in particular, during our early years as a nation — before there was a developed federal court system and executive branch.

    Out of work lawyers – paralegals – retired judges And concerned citizens.
    You will be sworn in for Citizens Action Panels to assist in setting up the Impaneled Grand Juries to indict parties that have engaged in Destroying the country.

    Under RICO – Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization
    It is unlawful for anyone employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of Unlawful Debt.
    18 U.S.C.
    § 2332b(g)(5)(B) lists approximately fifty offenses that may constitute RICO predicate offenses

    All of the activities these parties have been involved with concern Illegal parts of the RICO Statute. They take the Fake documents to loan for your house and credit cards and school loans.They Tax on the Basis of an Corporation filed in Porto Rico. Note: No agency of government needs to be a Corporation. Want to depose a Corporation and they do not submit. A a certified copy from the Secy of State in the State they are registured in. Put it down on a table and ask it questions, on the record, then take the anwsers and ask for sanctions and fines.

    Round them up on the way to the hardware store for a length of rope.

    “Bill you and Fred hold his legs he’s starting to kick again. Frank, throw that loop over the billboard in front of his bank office” Meanwhile, John and his wife are adding the feathers from grandmother pillow to the tar pot cooking around the corner. “Get him up there now and line up those other Clowns that tried to take off the designer suits and sneak out the back door” “John you about ready with the rest of that tar, we got a lot more of these fellows, 22 in fact – like the security number below, out of the Fed Building basement”. Almost ready Sheriff, we got some more feather pillows from the Goodwill store”.

    Let’s also start with these Actors involved with the Fake Terror Drills..


    We are Legion

  4. Just in from DEBKAfile. They seem to know all these things before anyone else …
    FBI to announce they have a Suspect..

    Let’s hazzard a educated guess … Pick the correct answer below:

    A. Pro-Gun Group
    B. Anti-Tax Group
    C. Stop All Wars Group
    D. Find the Missing President Papers Group
    E.The Bag Lady that warned the Runners of Death
    F. All of the Above

    AG HOLLAR will be loud and clear with the FIB Director on just who to Round Up.

    Morrie’s Hardware has weekend special on Rope with minimum purchase of (The Length from the Ground up over the Streetlight and down to Head Height) about 23 feet should do it. (Like the security question below).

    We are legion

    1. I’ll tell you exactly who it will be. A male, late 20s, who did it because he’s “unstable”. They will find firearms and an NRA book in his home. They will say he used reloading powder for the bombs, and reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public. Then they will claim that since powder in ammunition can be used for bombs, ammunition must be limited and taxed. The taxes will be claimed to be used for events such as the marathon, memorials, etc. They will “find” the suspect later this week and the raid will occur on Friday.

  5. elyag reed,This nation has had a belly full of CORRUPTJ-W OWNED COURTS in league with the B A R ass. of britain.We as a nation will not be wasting GOOD TAR AND FEATHERS on the scum that has enslaved us we will be CHARGING THEM WITH TREASON then we will CONVICT THEM OF TREASON WITH THEIR OWN ACTIONS AND RECORDED WORDS and then they will be SWIFTLY HUNG along with most scumbag title bearing “lawyers” and all who have sold their soul to the b.a.r.. Hope I have cleared up you ride on a rail CONFUSION.

  6. “So sorry Sheriff, all those fellows we put that tar and feathers on, well they were so slippery that we let go of their legs. They just kicked out a few times and that was that”
    “Well John you and the deputies go on home now and rest up, some fellow just notified us that they don’t need anymore help of that nature”

    “Sheriff, are you disbanding the deputies?” “No John but there appears to be Quicker ways to get this country back on the Rail so just hang on to all that there rope”.

    We are Legion..

  7. A simple documentary of said events in the right setting as well as in the right hands will put the kibosh on all of this rigamarole.
    Bring me this country to arms and I will show you a victory and a cease to the federal reserve as well as the hidden rulers of this world!

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