7 thoughts on “Why don’t you like cops?

  1. Why don’t I like cops? Thousands of reasons but it all boils down to this:

    The “bad” cops are arrogant assholes who are liars, thieves and bullies and don’t believe the law applies to them.

    The “good” cops refuse to arrest the lawbreakers they work with. They won’t even take a moral stand…therefore enabling the bad behaviour completely.

    Therefore, the only difference between a “good” cop and a “bad” one is that the good one will OCCASIONALLY not be a total asshole and can OCCASIONALLY be a decent reasonable human being.

    If THAT’S the scale to judge, then it’s safe to assume that they will never help you and will always be there to make any situation worse. Think of your average traffic accident…the cops show up to fill out the report and to see if there are ADDITIONAL charges to lay to anyone, such as DUI, reckless care, etc. As soon as it’s determined that it’s just an accident, he’s gone since there’s no revenu to be made screwing someone over more than they already are. So why are they there at all? Just making a bad situation worse, like they always do.

    The cops are just a street gang with gouvernment sponsorship. Treat them as such, and most interactions with them will be fine.

  2. Nice philosophical discussion, but it hardly mentions the worst things cops do. (but still worth watching)

  3. They are state sponsored and sanctioned extortionists, and tons of them are sadistic psychos. I won’t call one EVER!!!!!!!!!

  4. Obviously fiction. In reality, the desk cop would have called a bunch of his fellow gang members to the front desk and they would have tased, pummeled and arrested they guy.

  5. 1. This sounds like audio from Anonymous.
    2. If this was real life, he wouldn’t even have gotten to the part where he could give one reason why he hates cops, because before he even started to answer, the cops buddies would have tackled him onto the ground, tased him and arrest him for threats of violence, verbal assault, harassment, terrorist threats against a police officer, and possibly disobeying a police officer and then resisting arrest when they tackled him onto the ground.

    And don’t forget. No Miranda rights would have been stated, excessive use of force would have been done, illegal search and seizure, and shortly followed by an excessive fine or bail.

    Next time, at least make it more real. Otherwise, this is just pure fantasy, as sad as that is for me to say that.

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