12 thoughts on “Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

  1. Great Tune Digger, How could someone not awaken to the gov’t, just listening to this music it painted the whole picture for today!

      1. What I think about with this “old” music is how young we were then, what we knew then, how old we all are now, and this is who we are — when I see “us” this is what I see. (obviously I’m having a hard time putting this into words — that’s what music is for, eh?). Well, it is just that there is more to “us” than our silvery hair and lines on our faces. We have taken what we knew “then” and though it was a fully formed nugget at the time, we know these things in every fiber of our beings. Those of us who are still here, we are a most determined bunch, I think. 🙂 And it is a beautiful thing.

        1. In the early years of the Trenches (long before many of y’all found the site, or songs were posted), I used phrases from this song in my comments. I am SO Happy that you posted this song, digger. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Yes Angel, I thankyou, I do remember that back then. That was about 3 years ago I think or about that. I still remember being cocky with ya. Geeze was I a dumb ass back then with ya, all you guys sure had the patience with me back then. I still cannot believe I did that back then.
            Guess I learned alot since then eh Angel. 🙂

          2. Awe Paul, us guys remember the days back then when we changed america and the world. They are still doing that but not like back then.
            Things are a lot different now days in so far as communications and all being accessible to people when back then they were not all that accessible ya know. heck TV was still a big thing back in the early to mid sixties. I know you remember that. Yes for what we had back then we sure did change things. It was harder to wake people up then as compared to now days.

  2. Yes .. remember this song well. so many artist were way ahead of their time. Or i was way behind the times. So now its time to fix it. We shall prevail my brothers and sisters.

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