War Secretly Declared On China By Executive Order

Published on Mar 7, 2014 by GMN Telemedia

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Despite criticism about Obama going on vacation in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, the American people should know that Barack Obama signed a bombshell Executive Order and then ran for the hills. The below executive order is highlighted with the most important information we “meat & potatoes”, uneducated folks should pay attention to.

It’s pretty easy to decipher if one has a basic understanding of the law & legalese — or shall we call it; speaking out of 5 sides of your mouth to slam your opponent. Essentially, the attorneys who wrote this did so for the people who said to themselves,

“……How can we totally screw China for getting behind the Russians in the Ukraine crisis? I KNOW! Let’s screw them on the 100’s of billions in mortgage-backed securities!….”

In essence, Obama has declared economic war with China; a country who owns trillions in U.S. debt, and 100’s of millions in mortgage backed securities. All without the authority or even consultation of the U.S. Congress.

While the so-called neo-conservatives gush & gobble over Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Rick Perry at CPAC, Congress is drunk with power and asleep at the wheel. Obama can do whatever he wishes — he doesn’t even need to worry about the democrats running the House of Representatives, the Republicans could not be any more helpful by their inaction and in most cases assistance in installing communism with him.

3 thoughts on “War Secretly Declared On China By Executive Order

  1. I think that the well-funded makers of this video (Gorilla News and Before it’s News) are trying to convince people that Obama actually did something to prevent China from foreclosing on our debt to them, but I don’t think this executive order was intended to affect them at all.

    Also notice that all the websites referenced in the video are known to be Zionist propaganda tools.

    1. Yes, Before its News has been caught many times peddling zionist khazar ‘jew’ propaganda. Even to the point of blatantly ‘copy-paste’ from mossad mouthpiece debka.

      I, for one don’t trust a thing they print.

      Besides, it’s the zionist khazar ‘jews’ that want a world war.
      They destabilized ukraine to put the US and russia on a collision course.


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