Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon

Published on Apr 13, 2014 by NextNewsNetwork

URGENT: New developments in the Bundy Ranch standoff. DHS insider reveals the Federal retreat was complete Psyop to study opposition to crush rebellion in next assault.

Source: Canadian Free Press

All of our lives are going to change in a drastic way, if this is true… From Doug Hagmann

At 1750 hours ET, I was contacted by my source within the Department of Homeland Security regarding the current situation at the Bundy Ranch. To put it bluntly, the people are being hoodwinked into believing that the situation is being resolved. It is not. It is a strategic de-escalation to fool the public. This source stated that the retreat of the BLM agents and the release of the cattle was actually crafted as a potential plan yesterday (Friday, 11 April 2014) based on the following:

1. A military assessment of satellite and drone surveillance imagery of the “patriot resistance. Drones under the control of the U.S. military were in use, taking real-time photographic images of not just the activity at the ranch, but “identifying the protesters, any arms and any supplies they might have or be carrying. “Mission accomplished.”
2. Real-time communication intercepts between patriots on-site and their off-site support;
3. Active monitoring of internet traffic regarding the coverage of events at ranch;
4. The monitoring of real-time video from the scene.

This source stated that a response by the patriot movement was anticipated, although exceeded their expectations. Although this was a real operation, they also ran this as a test case for future government operations once they saw the response. They were also actively managing the media, in some cases threatening to cut off White House access to anyone covering the event.

Despite this, the coverage by the alternative media began to create a public relations problem that was not easily managed. Note the lack of acknowledgment by the White House regarding this event. They are intentionally framing it as a state issue, despite the fact that all federal response has been and continues to be from the White House. There is a reason for this — a reason that has not been identified in any of the public reports to date. I will explain in further detail in a follow-up report on Sunday, after this source attends [redacted] to obtain more specific information about future federal operations. Regardless, according to this source, the government will take back ‘their land’ as they must to fulfill international obligations. It was never about grazing rights or anything other than (1) “securing clear title” to the land, and (2) further demonizing any patriotic resistance. It is my understanding, based on the information from this source, that it is a critical task to create a situation that will also advance their agenda of gun control and confiscation.

A more detailed report will follow on Sunday, 13 April 2014, with additional and much more specific information about their inside plans and future operations.

22 thoughts on “Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion. However, I think the more accurate term would be “cow shit” as it is the spring and the spring calving is taking place on the ranch. Two bulls were shot outright so their “manure” is no longer an issue.

      I’m am of the opinion that anything is possible. So much that is happening today was “unthinkable” 10yrs ago. Now we actually LIVE it. I would keep an open mind, watch for the signs of further federal interference at the Bundy ranch and pray that the Patriot Posse can keep the Bundy family safe.

      1. Carolyn,
        I have been watching for over twenty years.
        These “prophets” of the patriot community have also been around, that long, and their success rate in their predictions is ZERO.
        I expect nothing to change.
        And, if you prefer, just for you, “Cowshit”.

      2. “I’m am of the opinion that anything is possible. So much that is happening today was “unthinkable” 10yrs ago.”

        Gary – This quote supports your statement:

        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that — it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

  1. To those who call it bullshit, I am definitely no fan of Doug Hageman or Steve Quayle, and I’m sure disinfo. Dave Hodges will jump on the bandwagon soon, too. However, despite all that, what they are saying does make sense in this case, as much as it pains me to say it. Get the militia to move away and think it is all over and when they disperse, the government with the ATF, FBI, DHS, hired mercenaries and who knows what else will come in for a quick swoop under the radar and take the land. I only hope the militia and alternative media have a few people remain there on the ground to monitor the situation for the time being. This is definitely far from over.

    However, if any of you have any other theories, I’d sure love to hear them.

    1. Okay, let’s look at what has happened.
      The press came out very skeptical over Bundy’s position. However, when the agreement was reached, they tended toward the other side and pretty much applauded Bundy and his supporters. However, they did say that the government was backing off and going to resort to “judicial means”.
      So, what will the American public say when the government has so demonstrably broken their word? The patriot community will have a lot of coverts, and others will move further along “The Other (not so) Thin Line” (http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/blog/?p=657)

      1. “…the government was backing off and going to resort to ‘judicial means’.”

        Who controls the Government, also controls the Justice System. I don’t have to guess how that Case will go.

  2. Nice tactic to refer to your own article at your own website to prove a point. Can’t say as I disagree but I do think that you have become jaded, while I am probably too naive. While the “newbies” may simply flop back “on the couch” as you say, some will stick, some will stay the course. As each new outrage causes more and more “push back”, more and more patriots will stick. I have been hollering my head off since I first was able to acquire an internet connection (over 20yrs ago) and learned about all the so-called conspiracy theories. I’ve taken lots of “hits” for it (and not at my web site which has to remain “non-controversial” or I will lose all my clients). That doesn’t mean I quit hollering. I can’t leave my work, being self-employed or I can’t survive – that fact kept me up all Weds. night this week (4/9/14) debating how I could get to the Bundy ranch and help out and not forfeit my income and my worn out vehicle. Self- survival won out, I’m ashamed to say so I did what I could by rallying people around me (who wouldn’t listen, as usual) and ranting on the internet with the REAL facts to counteract the skewed ones that the media was churning out. We can’t all be heroes and many of us go unnoticed, that’s okay. We will still walk your line and we will make it to the end eventually. Hopefully we will have done some small service to those who CAN partake in the actual fight.

    “Prophets”…..hmm, I would be more inclined to think “worriers” and “fearmongers” at times. Some need to stir up trouble to keep themselves in business, some just like to be part of the action. I listen to their “take”, analyze any info that seems plausible and wait to see what happens.

    In Gary Frenchy’s (spelling?) case, it is plausible that this situation at the Bundy ranch will provide info for a government psy-op. The Controllers who really run this Earth use every event as a multi-level profit margin. Layers upon layers, schemes upon schemes are done over and over again to further their agenda. Who knows exactly what level of info gathering was done behind the scenes? But I would suspect quite a bit. Who knows what will develop in the next few days as the people pack up and go home? It is credible to believe that, once the heat is off of the ranch and the safety margin of the large amount of support has dwindled, another strike could be ordered – anything is possible if the government and Harry Reid is behind it.

    Let the “prophets” rant, sometimes they think of something that we haven’t. If they are not correct, in some instances be totally thankful.

      1. I walk my own line. However, to answer your question: I lost sleep, I definitely let my business lapse and I probably got some of my clients and my local church mad at me. I would say I moved down a line of some kind….LOL

    1. Regrading your reference to “nice tactic”, I don’t know what you would expect. I could rewrite the article here, or refer you to there, to get across a thought.
      Think about it, articles come in many forms. When I do news articles, as I did many of back in the 90s, I go to the scene and speak, when possible, to both sides.
      I also wrote historical perspectives, based upon reference to book written in the 19th century, and some newer books that are well researched and documented, but NOT the common concept (text book or patriot mythology) version of history.
      Finally, I write many articles that are, without a doubt, opinions of mine, though based upon a rather extensive participation, and understand of what has transpired these past thirty years (when I first ventured into the movement, tanks to the IRS).
      So, it is not a tactic, rather, a reference to induce thought.

    1. They might. Last time they tried with Bundy was back in 1993. Yes, they came back. However, they left with their tail between there legs, so, if they do come back, it might be more than 21 years.
      So, should we concern ourselves with that? Sit on our hands for twenty years? Or, move on and simply be prepared for the next event, wherever it may occur?

    2. Hi, Han Solo! I’m with you on this one. “They” have too much at stake. We have to understand who we are dealing with here. Are we to just believe that they are “playing nice” and took their toys and went home??


  3. Reading the comment section here is usually disturbing. Everything is always torn to pieces. Do you people like anyone else’s opinion other that your own, Gary Hunt and Bullwinkle? I don’t see you out there hosting radio shows and writing books.

    1. I don’t host radio shows, though I have in the past. Mostly in the mid-nineties.
      I don’t write books, as there is little market for patriot oriented books, therefore I write article that are, occasionally, longer than some books.
      I have done specific subject interviews under “Behind Enemy Lines” (BEL); podcasts of some of my more significant articles, as selected by some people I work with, under Discourses. And, most of the radio shows that I have been guest on for the past 5 years are in the two Archives, all of the audios at http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/radio
      I have been writing for the patriot community since 1993, most of which is posted at http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com (don’t mind the htm layout, as it has been on line and added to, as it was when it went on line in 1995), except the more recently added /blog. I have gone to the scene of the stories that I covered, most often while the event was still going on.
      So, if you are looking for credentials, I submit the above.for your determination.

  4. My assessment of this situation, and my predictions for the future of it, are already posted under previous articles dealing with this topic, and it hasn’t changed.

    What has changed, is that since there are so many different theories flying around, I’m willing to bet money on mine. Any takers?

    1. Hi, Jolly! I did read your assesment on the other post. If I were a betting woman, I would take you up on it.

      Personally, I happen to think that both Dave Hodges and Doug Haggman put out some good information. I don’t agree with Steve Quayle’s Bible doctrine regarding there being no rapture of the church, but he also is informative.

      1. Doesn’t surprise me. I can’t get a poker game together either ( I never seem to know 5 people who have money at the same time)

        And I also happen to think that both Dave Hodges and Doug Haggman put out some good information, and so does Alex Jones, because they wouldn’t have any readers if they didn’t, but in my opinion the three of them try to inspire fear in people, and make them feel helpless.

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