Calif. agency halts water allocations amid drought

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SACRAMENTO — In a move to protect residents from more severe water shortages, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced Friday it was taking several actions to conserve the state’s water supply.

“The harsh weather leaves us little choice,” DWR Director Mark Cowin said. “If we are to have any hope of coping with continued dry weather and balancing multiple needs, we must act now to preserve what water remains in our reservoirs.”  

According to Cowin, customers of the State Water Project (SWP) will receive no water deliveries in 2014 barring additional precipitation. Twenty-nine water districts up and down the state contract with SWP.

“It would need to rain and snow heavily every other day from now until May to get us back to average annual rain and snowfall. Even then, California still would be in a drought, because normally wet December and January have been critically dry – and follow a record dry 2013 and a dry 2012,” Cowin said.

As such, SWP customers will only receive a small amount of carryover from 2013, and if dry conditions persist, agricultural districts with long-standing water rights in the Sacramento Valley may be cut 50%, Cowin stated.

Affected are these Northern California and San Joaquin Valley municipalities/districts: Solano County Water Agency; Yuba City; Butte County; Plumas County Flood Control & Water Conservation District; Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District; Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, Zone 7; Alameda County Water District; Santa Clara Valley Water District; Empire West Side Irrigation District; Kings County; Dudley Ridge Water District; Kern County Water Agency; Oak Flat Water District and Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District. The remaining contractors, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, are in Southern California.

“Simply put, there’s not enough water in the system right now for customers to expect any water this season from the project,” Cowin said.

According to a release from the DWR, 2014 is shaping up to be the driest year in recorded state history.

3 thoughts on “Calif. agency halts water allocations amid drought

  1. I guess we can expect a massive exodus from California, moving East of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the next two months if there is no rain.

    People that remain on the West Coast will die from thirst before they die from radiation poisoning. Is this California weather phenomena an intentional HAARP/Agenda 21 event?

    “Whether HAARP is a military candy store, or a cosmic Pandora’s box will remain to be seen, but it certainly isn’t a pop-gun aimed in the skies, and certainly much more plausible, is our government’s intent to use it to control the masses somehow. The old tin foil hat jokes might just have been a sincere warning to us all.”

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  2. Destruction of the one of the most productive growing regions in the entire world. This is NOT nature’s doing.


  3. We are staying. Everyone I know are staying. Communists in Sacramento Government aren’t going to run us off at all. In fact we’ve had enough of their crap and look forward to them starting the big “DUST UP” we all know is coming. One other thing. A hell of a lot of “Californians” aren’t from here. They came from some other state. Don’t write us off. Lot of us are far more conservative than you can imagine.

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