California Drought and Fires Caused by USAF Pillar Point Radar? 2018 09 27

Published on Sep 27, 2018

This is just a quick video showing a blockage in the jet stream, preventing rain from reaching California. This blockage APPEARS to be closely related to the Pillar Point US Air Force Station, just south of San Francisco.

You folks in California can shut down these drought machines, by going to Mavericks Beach, noting when the big transmitter is running, and comparing the run times with offshore weather patterns.

Then, make the results public! That will mothball the station in a hurry!

There are several of these giant, SBX-type, million-watt microwave phased array transmitters, up and down the west coast. Y’all who live near them, need to take on the task of monitoring them, using a cheap, handheld meter.

At 12:50, the wind lines coming together means UNEXPLAINED CONVERGENCE, so the winds at 34,000 feet are colliding, and going downward. This is exactly what the Ionospheric Heater technology does, and that map is proof of anomalous high pressure! Ionospheric Heaters can only drive high altitude air, down towards the surface.

The falling air shows up as circular rings, and artificial high pressure in the jet stream. This is explained in my earlier videos, like Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, etc.

Check out the security at the front gate of the Pillar Point Air Force Station (someone trespassed and put the picture on Google Maps):…

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