California to vote on ballot to split up

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Cal 3 empowers Californians to create three new states, which will lead to better decision making and real solutions closer to home.

Meaningful improvement has proven impossible through the Sacramento system of top-down control. This isn’t about politics – this is about sustainable solutions to intractable issues that impact Californians every day – like our local schools, infrastructure, and government responsiveness.  

I think if this route succeeds it could minimize the problems California brings our nation.

Three State CA CalFixIt NorCal Cal SoCal Map

Tim Draper announced Thursday that his initiative had gotten more than 600,000 signatures from registered voters across all of the state’s 58 counties, surpassing the 365,880 signatures required by state law.

“This is an unprecedented show of support on behalf of every corner of California to create three state governments that emphasize representation, responsiveness, reliability and regional identity,” Draper said.

So lets discuses personally I think this is a much better route than the Cal-exit people

The whole point of this is because Not All Californians are Liberals the farmers and others Feel and more than likely correct that no one in the state represents their ideals and beliefs hence breaking into different states.


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One thought on “California to vote on ballot to split up

  1. Why does it look like one part of California (the middle part) is conveniently being divided by the San Andreas fault line area? Is that implying a foreshadow of something?

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