California: Watch and Fight Gunpocalypse

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Sacramento, CA -( Earlier last week, the Senate fast-tracked 5 anti-gun bills out of its fiscal committee despite the fact that these bills have a HUGE cost to the state and gun owners.

Now that these bills have passed through so quickly, they are eligible to be voted on anytime the Senate meets.  

The bills fast-tracked were:

  • AB 1664 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  • AB 1673 (Gipson): Redefines “firearms” to include items that are not firearms.
  • AB 1674 (Santiago): Bans buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.
  • AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms.
  • AB 2607 (Ting): Dramatically expands who can request a Gun Violence Restraining order.

If you are infuriated as much as I am after watching that committee, make sure you voice your opposition TODAY!

We are running out of time.

Let them hear your voice!

For Liberty,

Craig DeLuz
Legislative and Public Affairs

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8 thoughts on “California: Watch and Fight Gunpocalypse

  1. “… make sure you voice your opposition TODAY!”

    Buy more ammo. It’s the only opposition that matters.

  2. AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms , lol seen this one coming even told the wife , they did the same thing with violent felony’s to all felony’s , whats next high speed endangerment of the public (aka speeding) .

  3. I think gun and ammo manufacturers need to step-up and no longer sell any sort of firearm or ammunition into California….and that includes sales to law enforcement. If they don’t want to sell to law abiding citizens then, I think it no longer appropriate to sell to government entities.

    1. Most of the weapons/ammunition manufacturers have large govt contracts that we already pay for and the private sector sales are only a small fraction of their total sales. Ruger, S/W, Winchester & Remington have a loooong history of assisting, writing or supporting Second Article infringements, just like the the NRA. They are burning the candle at both ends and squeezing every last shekel from the civilian end until it exists no longer(fat f’g chance, mf’s). Then they can compete for the real big shekels in govt contracts alone that have a bottomless credit card tab bought and paid for by US Nationals.

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