California’s Obamacare fails to enroll a single customer

Daily Caller – by Neil Munro

California’s Obamacare network failed to register even one person for insurance on when the exchanges opened on Tuesday, according to a local TV station.

Covered California initially claimed 5 million visitors on the first day, but that turned out to be a web-page count of clicks by 500,000 visitors.

“There was about half a million people that visited the website,” said Lizelda Lopez, a spokeswoman for Covered California.  

But of that 500,000 visitors, only about 7,100 people submitted applications, said the KUSI-CA anchor.

“Nobody is actually enrolled yet, because the people behind the scenes are not trained,” he said.

California is expected to provide a large proportion of Obamcare network’s customers, partly because 20 percent of state residents and 30 percent of immigrants fall below the poverty level, according to a new report.

“Immigrant poverty, at nearly 30 percent, is remarkably high,” and is pushed to roughly 50 percent above the official level thanks to high property prices, says a new report by a California group, the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality.

The TV clip was tweeted out by the GOP’s National Republican Conference Committee, which is trying to highlight Obamacare’s rollout problems.

Those problems include a dismal first day of enrollment — only 167 applicants were insured in Connecticut, and New York only registered 0.32 percent of visitors, according to the NRCC statement.

“ObamaCare is raising health care costs for Americans and stretching bureaucratic red tape around them and their doctor, while reducing access and limiting choices — it’s no wonder Americans looked at ObamaCare on its first day and said, ‘no thanks,’” the NRCC said in a statement.

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4 thoughts on “California’s Obamacare fails to enroll a single customer

  1. See?

    We’re not ALL crazy.

    “But of that 500,000 visitors, only about 7,100 people submitted applications,…….

    Only about 7,100 loons so far.

  2. ““Nobody is actually enrolled yet, because the people behind the scenes are not trained,” he said.”

    Bahahahaaha! That’s like opening a school on the first day and you don’t know what classes you will offer nor do you know the first thing about teaching OR it’s like opening a computer business on the first day and not knowing what operating system you will be using nor what you will be doing with the computers.

    I saw that a lot in China. They called it, “Playing the lottery” in which people who had lots of money and zero intelligence would just throw their money away to certain programs that they know absolutely nothing about and hope that someone else will volunteer to run the business for them as they reap the profits and say, “I’m successful!”. Some would survive, others would fail.

    Man, talk about running a program like the Chinese. This takes the cake.

  3. I’ve read parts of the ACA and it’s confusing as hell. You need an accountant, a lawyer and physician on hand to explain that mess.

    And that was only a small part of the original 2,000 page bill.

    1. And if you cannot afford an accountant, a lawyer and a physician, I’m sure “the government will appoint one for you” using taxpayers money, just as if you were being placed under arrest. lol

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