Shooting near U.S. Capitol – Alhurra TV #capitolshooting

At the beginning of the video two cop cars trap the driver against barrier posts. She gets away and they chase her. But notice there is no damage to the car, so did she actually hit a barrier and how hard was it?

Listen to the guy in the sky blue shirt toward the end. He said he heard explosions. I’m sorry, but this was staged. Too bad we will never know the truth on this because they killed her. … or did they? I don’t trust this government.

I heard earlier on RBN that Congress gave two standing ovations to the D.C. police for killing her. These people are sick individuals!!

Published on Oct 3, 2013 by alhurra

Alhurra TV exclusive video of shooting incident in Washington near Capitol Hill. The police pulled over a car suspected of involvement in the shooting incident on October 3, 2013. The car managed to escape after the sound of several gun shots.

8 thoughts on “Shooting near U.S. Capitol – Alhurra TV #capitolshooting

    1. this video shows nearly nothing but some shots and a black car being chased…..for all one knows, the shots could have been blanks…and we will wait to see what is reported of the supposed dead woman………whom I read had a toddler in the back seat……..that makes no sense…..what woman, with a toddler in the back seat is going to pull this stunt off?
      another bizarre …..usa….I am at a loss for words….What modern country pulls all these public events off….like clock work, one could say….in a row since 9/11……….the biggest fake ever pulled in the life of any person now living……
      The rest of the world’s population is rolling their eyes, like never before.
      I recall a non fiction work, about 1960, called The Ugly American……
      We were thought of as that way, that long ago………it must be much worse now………
      think I’ll stay home………

      1. You are trying to find rationale using an average mentality. Things will never make sense until you understand that a small group of people create your money from thin air. They are Talmudic/kabalah Jew, which means they are atheists. Yes, I know. Too much for you to believe, but think and research.

        By the way, this scared mother and her child were both killed by the hail of bullets. The brainwashed police state traitors who killed them in cold blood have already been cleared from interrogation.

        Think I am wrong? I challenge you to find the truth. It will eventually be reveiled if you seek it.

        1. One last comment, and this is meant for even my good supporters of liberty. You should know that even “Jews” are make believe. The reality is that empires have been in place and have used religions to brainwash for thousands of years. King Solomon was in fact Ramses II. Why do you presume the obelisk was tribute in DC to GW? Why is your note adorned?

    2. For sure!….i did some checking and found out they were running an opex(operational exercise) call capitol shield where multi-jurisdictional law enforcement were working a staged mass casualty event. and then this co-inky-dinky situation with the lady/her baby and an out of control
      car occurred!. another thing i found was the lady was from the area of Connecticut where sandy-hook/hoax occurred. every one of these staged false flag shooting recently has involved someone either claimed to be having mental issue or being treated for same(read mkultra).

  1. Well, this looks like part of the DC police drill held today, but once again lamestream media is broadcasting its Hollywood-style drama as though it’s real.

    The driver of the black car is a good driver though, and I particularly enjoyed the little vignette of the black car looping around the traffic circle with the cop cars trailing, and then speeding off, a bit like Keystone Kops.

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