Can You Believe This? Police Tase Man For More Than 40 Seconds Straight!

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

The police forces are losing their perception of reality, when it comes to the citizens they have sworn to protect. We are no longer human beings to them, just livestock to herd around and bully. What are your thoughts on this situation in the video?

Police brutality, as defined is:

Police brutality is a civil rights violation that occurs when a police officer acts with excessive force by using an amount of force with regards to a civilian that is more than necessary. Excessive force by a law enforcement officers is a violation of a person’s rights. Excessive force is not subject to a precise definition, but it is generally beyond the force a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances.  

Force should be used in only the minimum amount needed to achieve a legitimate purpose. Police brutality is a direct violation of the laws within the police force. The use of excessive force is also a direct violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S Constitution regarding cruelty and protection of the laws.

So with this in mind, the man in the video,if we go by the definition above, his civil rights were beyond violated, in this episode of police brutality and excessive force.How much more will we take? Here’s the story behind the video: This man was a passenger in an accident,that hit 5 parked cars. The driver fled the scene. Bystanders held this man until police arrived. He tried to walk away,stating he wasn’t the driver,which he wasn’t. Police are investigating whether the officers actions were justified or excessive.What do you think?. Count off 40 seconds and imagine the pain this man suffered.

8 thoughts on “Can You Believe This? Police Tase Man For More Than 40 Seconds Straight!

  1. It is torture pure and simple how do these animals sleep at night? Oh yeah they are lower than animals as low as one can get.

  2. a local guy here by the name of motley, one minute he’s alive than the next he’s not. said to be cardiac arrest due to meth. thing is they tased and used excessive force crushing his throat and other internal injuries which they also blamed on crashing of the police cruiser he stole. to make matters worse they flew him to an undisclosed hospital when we had a perfectly good hospital here with a trauma unit. i wonder what the ole bitty who ran to snitch on the guy as he was runnin through her yard thinks now that he’s dead. motleys answer to her question was “i’m taking a short cut” you know what scares me more than a thug in uniform a thug in uniform with gang affiliations. this country is truly f#@ked! i’m thinkin internet censorship is right around the corner as more and more people speak up about how things really are. obamas presidency sure has unearthed a lot of skeletons so its hasn’t been all bad. i’m not sure replacing or exposing one mans skeletons with anothers is ideal but what can we do?

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if acts like this are intentional.

    Are “they” purposefully trying to enrage the American people to the point of violence? It’s a scary thought – to me at least.

  4. yes, they’ve been given the green light. i warned people when this was happening on the east coast that it would eventually make its way to the west coast and it has.

    1. Yeah, I think, in all honesty that “they” have begun. The war on the people is in full swing. I agree with Naomi Wolf that it is intentionally done to close down our free society. I’m no historian, but from what I can gather they are following the template of the Nazis pretty closely.

  5. whatever is going on over here its getting out of control. another floater found in the river the other day, a couple stabbings, and another person shot n lived to tell about it except he ain’t talking. before then too many to list. either we have m.m. takeover or someones cleaning house.

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