Canadian COVID Hotel Detainee Fights With Healthcare Workers For Release After Days Of Forced Quarantine

Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe

Across the northern border, Canadians are being forced into COVID quarantine hotels and effectively incarcerated by the government when they arrive in Canada from overseas flights.

CBC News reported:

At the start of the year — in addition to the already required 14-day quarantine period — the government introduced new rules for incoming travellers meant to limit the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

Travellers crossing by both land and air were required to show a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before their scheduled flights to Canada.

Air and land travellers were also required to undergo both on-arrival and post-arrival COVID-19 tests. In addition, incoming air travellers were required to pre-book and pre-pay for a three-day stay at a government-authorized hotel, where they were to remain in quarantine while waiting for their on-arrival test results.

Footage from inside a Canadian quarantine hotel shows healthcare workers dressed in full medical gowns, face masks, face shields and blue gloves, confronting a man demanding to be released from the hotel.

“I don’t know when my flight is to get out of here. I’ve never committed a Goddamn crime,” the detainee bewails.

“Sir,  you’re not a criminal, that’s not it,” a worker replies.

“Then what the hell is going on here? I took three tests. I have a right to know when my test [results are] coming,” the detainee fires back. “I get shit food. Then I have no chance to say what I want. I got an ugly sandwich this afternoon that just makes me puke.”

“Come on, you’re treating me crappy,” he continues. “You’re treating us all very poorly.”

Rebel News, a Canadian-based media outlet, filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government in March over human rights abuse at the internment camps. After returning to Canada from Florida in March, the network’s reporter Keean Bexte faced a $750,000 fine and six months in jail if he refused to quarantine in the COVID hotel.

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5 thoughts on “Canadian COVID Hotel Detainee Fights With Healthcare Workers For Release After Days Of Forced Quarantine

  1. If no one can see that this is a world coup to cull and enslave us they cant be help . Its fighting time folks no way around it.

    1. Henry and the Trenchers, you are great teachers! I am learning to write at that critical 3rd grade level, which protects our freedom! I am a Canadian. A free Canadian.

      I wonder if anyone can tell me where, in the American Bill of Rights, it says someone can license violations of it? The Constitution is a phony document because it was put there for the Corporation of that time, meaning the British aristocracy, to drive the thin edge of their thick wedge, deep enough into the American nation, that by 1871, in violation of the 9th Article of the Bill of Rights, they wrote the 14th Ammendment, which made everyone subject to their Admiralty jurisdiction, the law of the sea, (piracy) which was never, under the law of the People, including those working for corporate money, status, power and influence, to so much as touch our land! The Bill of Rights is the supreme, superior law, because under that law, no power of any kind has any authority over us, to deny or disparage our right to due process of the law. However it is, that each or any one of us, under corporate license to violate the rights of the People working on the land which belongs to us because we are the sovereigns, it starts and ends with us.) is culpable in the tyrannical regime called Mammon, for our part in the violation of our own law, which guarantees our right to the truth.

      Some of us already knew that this new normal they imposed upon us, was a blatant, in-your-face, straight out of the pits of Hell, violation of our law and our rights. We said, “not so fast, Tam and Trudy! Good try, but I won’t be participating in your corona bologna, covid Canada corporate commie collective! I am an individual who knows what you’re up to, and I refuse to go along with it! Where is my due process of the law, which guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom to refuse unlawful orders based on lies and deceit? Where does it say that any one of us has the right to license violations of the law? Where, in any of our freedom documents including the Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which you are entrusted by us, to protect, not violate, does it say that! Here you go! We are fighting back!

      1. It was the act of 1871 that unlawfully chartered the United States Corporation, (See USC Title 18, Definition 15) in violation of the 9th Article of the supreme superior law ratified December 15, 1791, that is ratified by we the people who are the highest judicial authority in this country.
        The unlawful 14th Amendment, again in violation of the 9th Article of the people’s law, ratified by the people, was unlawfully put in place in 1869, as there was no authority for it to be written and to make any attempt to ratify it.
        Other than that I think you’ve pretty much got it.
        ps: We the people never ratified the Constitution. It is illegitimate, and as the Bill of Rights is a separate body of law guaranteeing our autonomy, which we the people did ratify, it is the only law for the united states of the Americas.

        1. Thank you, Henry. I have got it! The more I listen to you on repeat every day until the next broadcast, the more I feel equipped to write it out as accurately as possible.

          Regarding Canadian law, I learned yesterday, from one of the Canadian men involved with the creation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1981, unlike our Bill of Rights, which was written in 1960 for federal purposes, that they were looking at the American Bill of Rights as the model upon which to base the Charter of Rights, for the People. Our people are putting up a good fight here to preserve our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our numbers are increasing every day as the tyranny gets worse here by the day. A convoy group called Canada Unity just a day or two ago, served a document called a Memo of Understanding, to the Senate, the Governor General and the Prime Minister. It seems much like the Mandamus, which I am starting to learn about, now. Some of our police are on our side, supporting our public rallies, because they value our law. Others are blocking our efforts to deliver documents to their masters. Also, a recent Global News article reported that Canadians in BC are hanging their politicians in effigy!

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