3 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Get Rid Of Obamacare~~~And They Smirk Complacently…

  1. Well, considering these facts–one, it is far cheaper to pay the “penalty” and go without health insurance for a young person, or, two, it is far cheaper to go without health insurance for a young person AND take the Form 8965 exemption labeled D (since the cost of paying for the cheapest ObamaCare option is more than 9 percent of monthly income for most millennials and others–or whatever the IRS says is the threshold now) or three, anyone, Christian or not, can sign up for a Health Share Ministry (Medishare and Liberty Heathshare require Christian, but the third one does not as far as I know), or four, just pay the damned penalty and get your health care in Mexico or Canada depending on which border you are close to–I am only 100 or so miles from Mexico and that is where I get my dental care, which is twice as good as any US dentist! (PLUS THEY SPEAK ENGLISH! Who woulda thunk it?)…I mean, who gives a crap what they do with ObamaCare? FOLKS, YOU HAVE OTHER CHOICES! You just have to want to look for them!

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