13 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Gilligan and the skipper , with the monkey that was sent to the moon, trying to escape the desert Island

  2. Kim Jong: “Gruuuunt,….Ugh, I’m gonna have to change my shorts. I hope no one notices.”

    Commander Behind Kim: “Oh! Geez! My Gawd! What a stench, too much soy sauce on the fat bastards rice.”

    Commander on comms: “No! No! you damn fool. I SAID… “The dear leader has launched a torpedo that has hit the deck, not for you to launch torpedos.”

  3. This is the captain speaking…. “Yes president Trump we will wait until we are 20 miles offshore, so that he cannot swim back”.

  4. I am a fearless leader.
    I AM a fearless leader.
    I am a FEARLESS leader.
    I am a – – – – – – –

    1. I can do something about.
      I can recycle your sht…
      Then rub it into a communist face.

      And then say….
      That’s the smell of freedom.

      It stinks doesn’t it.

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