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14 Responses to Captions?

  1. Jgo says:

    New CONstruction gear wear. In case you need to blend in.

  2. Martist says:

    Urban camo

  3. mary in ND says:

    become the barrel …..ohmmmm….

  4. flee says:

    The guy isn’t wearing the matching orange county jail sandals.

    Must have been in a hurry that day.

    Urban jail wear.

    I see a new clothes line that has marketing value here.

  5. Ed Teach says:

    You should see his outfit for trips to the porn store.

  6. Jim says:

    Hey – That pylons trying to get away !!

  7. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


  8. Scott Chaney says:

    IT’S ALIVE!!!

  9. Janet Rock says:

    On his way to work at Home Depot.

  10. X7734-0845 says:

    “Which is the same in this picture and which is different?”

    “Can you spot the Fake?”

    Even a 1st grader can get this one

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