11 thoughts on “Captions

    1. With a sultry forward by HumaAbedin and full color pix of beautiful Benghazi. Not to be missed, the chapter on “How To Have A Successful And Long-term Marriage.” Bonus tips on the benefits of body-doubles and how to get the highest and near-unheard of speaking fees on the college circuit. Bound to be a best-seller. Don’t get your copy now.



  1. Not even worth the paper it’s printed on. I mean who would be pathetic enough to buy a copy?

    It’s funny how Democrats always write a book whining about how they lost an election, but Republicans don’t.

    Not that there’s a damn bit of difference between the two.

  2. if book burnings cum back in style..well this latest work of pure bs should be filed next to mein kampf ….2 psychopaths in a room….what do they say to each other..its all its fault we got caught…

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