42 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Three jackasses riding a horse (and probably each other). That is three peas in a pod that even Monsanto would have a hard time creating in their Frankenstein labs.

  2. I gotta question. ..

    Which one’s the whores…

    Goddamnit spell check.

    I meant which one’s the horse.

    I dunno about you..

    But if I was gay…

    Three dudes half naked with old sagging breasticles.

    Riding a horse.

    Would give me a “soft on”.



  4. This is totally off topic, but…

    The Super EXTRAVAGANZA is beginning. First commercial: pro immigration. Only one question:

    Does anyone know if the game is, in fact, rigged?


    1. They all are, galen, but you’d be hard-pressed to find concrete proof.

      And if you did, you might find yourself wearing cement shoes… shortly thereafter. 🙁

  5. We need patriots right now; not high school sophomores.
    You guys really need to grow up. We are in a fight for our very existence and you guys are phucking off.

    We have people on our side that are long way from perfect. So learn to live with it.
    We have no control over Putin; he isnt our concern.

    1. “We have people on our side that are long way from perfect.”

      Be certain, no one here is looking for perfect folks for this fight, but we are looking for folks to fight for our PERFECT Bill of Rights and Trump nor Alex Jones qualify.

      They are both traitors to our people’s Bill of Rights, that you can count on.

      Putin is not in this equation.

    2. Dear Freeillinois, We have to have a little fun. Most here fight long and hard and do not give up. The little breaks are escapes, and they help us remember what we’re fighting for: for one, enjoying life and sharing that enjoyment with others. Yes, there are a ton of reasons to fight, but unless one breaks to restore and adjust, one is soon all spent and of no use to anyone.

      I hope this gives you a better understanding of what it takes to stay in the fight. Kinda like a marathon runner: can’t sprint the whole time and now and then may choose to walk. Still, amazing dedication and achievement.


      1. Your right ; we have to laugh now and then.

        Thank You for reminding me that sometimes we need to laugh.

        If I have offended anyone, I apologize

    3. Freeillinois,
      Are you a Trumper or an Alex Joneser?
      Both are traitors and need to be tried for their complicity to Zion and treason against us.
      Again, are you a Trumper or an Alex Joneser?

    4. Perhaps you are a freshman to this site. There is no group of American nationals that I know of more knowledgeable about the dire state we find our country in today nor more informed about the salvation of it—-OUR BILL OF RIGHTS/ COMMON LAW. Laughter is an absolute necessity!!! By the way how is it going in Ill Annoy? I escaped 71/2 years ago.

    5. I’m as much a hard-core hater (of the NWO) as anyone on this site, and I’m here to tell you that the sh#t we see day after day is enough to make anyone crazy, if it’s not tempered with some comic relief occasionally.

      Stress is a killer, and all work and no play is a recipe for DISASTER.

    6. freeillinois,

      You live in a shit hole, who are you to call anybody a sophomore, while your balls hang in dirty toilet water?

      Watch your mouth asshole, think before you squawk your yap.

    1. It gets scarier. They’re on their way to the O.K. Corral where they’ll hook up with Bibi, Harvey Weinstein, and Larry Silverstein.


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