“Car-Free Sundays” – International Energy Agency Urges Governments to Implement ‘Emergency Measures’ to Cut Oil Consumption

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Friday urgently pleaded with governments to reduce oil consumption.

The IEA suggested “car-free Sundays” (don’t drive to church), opting for public transit and working from home three days a week to reduce the consumption of oil.

Agence France-Presse reported:

The International Energy Agency on Friday urged governments to urgently implement measures to cut global oil consumption within months following supply fears stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The IEA also called on the OPEC+ group of oil-producing nations led by Saudi Arabia and Russia to help “relieve the strain” on markets, while warning that the world faced the biggest shock to supply “in decades”.

The IEA was hoping for “some good messages which could help to relieve the strain on the oil markets” after the group’s next meeting on March 31, Birol said at a press conference to present a plan to cut demand.

The 10 proposals put forward by the IEA could cut oil consumption among advanced economies “by 2.7 million barrels a day within the next four months”, it said.

The measures, put forward together with the French government, could reduce consumption among those countries by 2.7 million barrels a day, while these currently consume between 44 and 45 million barrels a day, according to IEA estimates.

The proposals, principally targeted at transport, included reducing speed limits, working from home three days a week, car-free Sundays, cheaper public transport and greater use of long-distance trains over planes.

The Biden Regime is already telling Americans to use public transit and drive electric vehicles as gas prices soar.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Wednesday said a solution to high gas prices is “public transportation.”

Last week Buttigieg told the poors to go buy electric vehicles in response to high gas prices.

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4 thoughts on ““Car-Free Sundays” – International Energy Agency Urges Governments to Implement ‘Emergency Measures’ to Cut Oil Consumption

  1. So let’s see… No driving on Sunday. How about on Tuesday we all just stay in bed. And Friday, no alcohol or smoking of anything. And Monday, all must study the profound truths of Al Gore for at least two hours. Thursday, inform and indoctrinate at least three children to the grave warnings of Greta Thunberg, making sure they are sufficiently frightened and depressed. Saturday, no one should eat. Wednesday, dedicate the entire day to Klaus Schwab, expressing profuse gratitude to him for RESETTING you onto the road of redemption and teaching you to practice Zero Waste in thought, word, and deed.


      1. Check her bank account.
        She’s probably making more coin than most of us will in three lifetimes.
        If the reply was “I Dare!”, watch the little mink shrivel up and blow away. Call their bluff.

  2. Living in rural remote far west Texas less than 100 miles from Mexico as the crow flies…”Constitution-free Zone” doncha know….I suspect that one reason for all this “electric car” and super duper gas prices that many rural Americans can barely afford (paying $4.50 a gallon when you have to drive 50 miles to and from work every week-day) is to force rural Americans into stack n’ packs in “smart cities” where surveillance is supreme in the next few years…. At a time when more and more folks are escaping the big blue cities, CRT crap, and BLM-Antifa thugs and moving to rural America! And ATV sales are going through the roof, when ATVs get 30 miles per gallon instead of 15….. ATVs love rocky dirt roads…. And when someone puts an electric car charger out in my neck of the woods, let me know… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I can walk to church quicker than an electric car being recharged….

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