8 thoughts on ““Carbs are racist” is a new one

    1. I thought you said “emaciate yourself”. Had to read it again! LOL! 🙂

      @ evilbughead – Yes they are! As a personal trainer specializing in sports nutrition for many years I can tell you without doubt that good, clean fibrous & starchy carbs are absolutely essential in the diet in the right amounts for ALL people. They are the FUEL that all muscles need to then build stronger bodies using the BUILDING BLOCKS known as protein. The ratio of carbs to protein to fats varies slightly depending on your desired outcome but generally speaking carbs should actually be the highest percentage of “most” meals during the day. Like every other subject out there there’s hordes of “armchair experts” when it comes to nutrition & again like everything else – learning & actual experience leads to knowledge – everything else is just words.

  1. At first look I transposed, and thought it said crabs.
    Last I heard crabs care not which forest they put up camp.
    (shrug shoulders)

  2. Carbs are racist? So are Proteins and Fat considered a Race now, too?

    Damn, them Proteins thinking they are a superior Race because they build muscle! The Fat Race may be slow but they are smarter.

    What the hell am I saying? Lol

    Are these people on crack?

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