Cases of Alopecia (Hair Loss) Explode Following COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccine Impact

As more cases of injuries following COVID-19 vaccination continue to be published in the medical journals, it becomes more and more evident that these COVID-19 vaccines have been the most damaging and lethal vaccines to ever be mass-injected into the population.

Case reports of Alopecia, hair loss which sometimes include the loss of all body hair, even the eyebrows, have now been reported and published in the journal Clinical Case Reports.

COVID-19 vaccination and alopecia areata: a case report and literature review


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a major concern worldwide and various vaccines have been developed and approved for it, however some immune-related issues of COVID-19 vaccines should be considered and individualized for patients. In this study we report two cases of rapidly progressive hair loss following COVID-19 vaccination.


A 23-year-old woman presented to the dermatology clinic with complaint of local hair loss on her scalp a week after receiving the first dose of Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222) in August 2021. She also reported myalgia following the vaccination, which was relieved by acetaminophen. She had no past medical or family history of alopecia areata (AA) and had not received any medications.

The second case, a 26-year-old woman with a history of AA relieved by an intralesional corticosteroid, presented with complaint of generalized hair loss on the scalp 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of AZD1222 in January 2021. The condition had started with patchy alopecia, and over the course of a month, it had evolved to diffuse hair loss.

Read the full study here.

While the two cases featured in the study were following Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines, the study also referenced several other reported cases of Alopecia following the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.

I next went to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) database maintained by the U.S. FDA and CDC, and found that there were 9 variations of Alopecia listed that could be searched for as symptoms following vaccines, so I chose all of them and searched for cases following COVID-19 vaccines for the past twenty two months.

The search returned an astounding result of 3,495 cases, including 2 deaths, 392 permanent disabilities, 219 ER visits, 250 hospitalizations, and 41 life threatening events. (Source.)

The rest is here:

7 thoughts on “Cases of Alopecia (Hair Loss) Explode Following COVID-19 Vaccines

  1. Just a coincidence that Pfizer released an alopecia drug around the Will Smith, Chris Rock distraction and that Smith’s wife has it and that Pfizer sponsored whatever stupid award show that was.


    1. Yes, their “coincidences” abound. Always something seemingly scarce is manufactured to remedy an ailment and then suddenly there’s an epidemic of said ailment. Every drug commercial now also has the cautionary advice of “talk to your dr if you have had or plan on receiving a vaccine.” This was rarely even mentioned before but is now a part of the lexicon.

    2. Hi Hangman. Off topic but I just wanted to say I appreciated your input on the pipeline explosions. They’ll sell us anything, so it’s good that voices like yours can come in and say, “I don’t think so.” Of course I don’t understand all the mechanics of it but glad you challenge their story. I seem to always be more stuck on the “who” rather than the “how.” Both are important.


      1. Hi Galen, I rarely make comments here because I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, we know what’s going on or at least are able to put the pieces together. This is the only website I’ve ever commented on and I’ve been reading here daily since it was a link on “Newsblok”. How long ago was that Henry? I’ve been in the trenches since at least 2008 fighting every injustice laid before me. The sh!t is about to hit the fan for me fairly soon and I likely will be drawn into battle, I’m ready. Unfortunately when you are singled out it’s difficult to get support. I do have an incredible story of the fighting I’ve been doing and when the time is right I’ll share it with the trenchers. As we speak I’m making my final arrangements expecting to be murdered but not without a fight. I appreciate all your comments and insight as well and Good Bless all the Trenchers.


        1. Have Rope Will Travel, I tell you you are not alone. Many of us stand at your side at this moment and we stand to the same hazard as the enemy knows already knows they are already defeated. When they strike us down, tens of thousands will rise up in our place. Right now they don’t know whether to shit or go blind. And oh yes, the fear is eating at their stomachs now.
          The Bill of Rights is the supreme superior absolute unalienable law and they are watching the people be awoken by the hoards and they know they are about to be literally ripped to pieces as our law is enforced.
          The Bill of Rights forever.

        2. Geez Hangman, your words gave me a lump in the throat. So many silent battles being fought. Many are silent in not wanting to hamper their position. It is my hope that you accomplish what you choose to and that somehow you come out okay. I’ve always sensed tremendous strength in you, along with enduring conviction and being on the side of right. Like Henry mentioned, I know there are many warriors at your side, if not physically, then in heart and spirit. Sometimes it’s a very lonely road, but knowing others are walking it with everything in them somehow helps us along.

          Today, my husband and I were talking about death, our own death and how we might want to be remembered, and in the conversation it came out that it didn’t matter so much how others remembered us or what they thought of us as it mattered what we thought of ourselves. We both lit on The Bill of Rights, and the deep fulfillment that comes with knowing we did what we could to see that it will again be honored and observed as our Supreme Law. Even in the midst of all the turmoil, that gives some peace. The best to you, brother.


          1. Thank you Galen and Henry, I do find comfort in your support. Of course you are both correct in that the B.O.R. is the answer, the only solution for treacherous government and corporations.


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