Cat saves young boy from stray dog attack

Graphic video: Cat saves young boy from stray dog attackKMOV News 4

A video showing a household cat saving a young boy from a stray dog attack is gaining steam across the web after the child’s father posted a video of the incident to YouTube.

Roger Triantafilo says his son was riding his bike when a dog came out of nowhwere and attacked him. Within seconds the family’s cat jumped into action and ran the dog off before any more damage could be done.  

The whole thing was caught on surveillance video and uploaded to YouTube by Triantafilo.

Watch the whole thing in the video player below. Warning: The video shows the boy’s wound and may not be suitable for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Cat saves young boy from stray dog attack

  1. People have such odd ideas that cats are ‘basically useless’, but I’ve taken in the odd cat (they really DO ‘pick their owner’s), and I think their personality is more reflected by what you give to them.

    I just read about a woman who adopted a cat, and she’d had surgery. She felt ‘terrible’, and went home to sleep.

    She was woken by her cat, pushing her face with her paw. Turns out, she had sepsis – and her BP had fallen so low, that if her cat had not woken her, she would have died in her sleep.

    Like a lot of things; You get – and sometimes get more – than what you give.

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