CBS Deletes “Arming Ukraine” Documentary, Says the US Government Told Them to

Unz Review – by Andrew Anglin

At some point in the last 24 hours, following the blow-up of CBS’s “Arming Ukraine,” the entire thing has been memory holed completely.  

In an article earlier today, I was trying to embed it in the article and it wasn’t appearing. I clicked through and found that the tweet had been deleted by the author.

I thought “well, maybe they just deleted the tweet because it was getting a bit too much heat.” So I searched around.

In fact, it has been set to private on YouTube:

And the page for the documentary on CBS now looks like this:

The only statement from CBS that I’ve been able to find is a three-tweet thread, saying that they’ve removed it because the US government told them it is wrong. They said they are going to edit it and rerelease it according to the standards of the US government.

This is quite a thing, and as far as I know, it is unprecedented in the history of the mainstream media. I’m sure you can find instances of newspapers dropping stories during World War II or something, but in terms of the internet age, this has never happened before, to my knowledge.

This is shocking, actually. I don’t understand how this documentary would get made, then get approved for release by the editorial team at CBS, and then be deleted when it went viral after the US government came out and said it was wrong. This is incredibly sloppy on the part of the US government. Removing something like this in such an unprecedented way only gives credence to what is being said in the documentary.

Thankfully for you, my dear reader, we have a copy.

Video Link

Who knows how long that will be up, so I advise watching it now.

The fact that the US government has denounced it as untrue, in my opinion, proves that it is true. Everything these people say is a lie.

More important than anything in that documentary, however, is this lesson: the media is banned from publishing anything that does not 100% agree with the official line of the US government. You have some things that get through here and there – particularly, those things associated with Tucker Carlson – but on the whole, the mainstream media is completely locked down, completely controlled by the US government, to a degree that is staggering.

I found this information 20 minutes ago, and I am still in shock that they not only deleted this on the request of the US government, but actually posted a tweet saying “the US government said we were wrong, so we’re deleting this.”

If I was the US government telling CBS News to delete something, I would say “just don’t say we told you to do it.” But I think on some level, they want people to know that the US government is actively censoring the media.

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