CCTV’s are about to become quite scary


“…CCTV’s are about to become quite scary…” said Steve Jolly who works for the “No CCTV ” in the UK.  Jolly warned, the public should be scared of the next generation of CCTV’s.

“If you’re constantly tracked and monitored, if everything you do is going to be recorded. I don’t think you can really say you live in a free society” said Jolly.

Warning next generation surveillance cameras are already in place in America!

According to

“Surveillance technology is a booming industry. The analytics company IHS projects the industry will grow globally by almost 11 percent this year. City surveillance systems for law enforcement and emergency management are the fastest growing segment of the market, with predicted sales growth of 18 percent.”

“Just nine states have laws that regulate how long information can be stored or used from automatic license plate readers, a surveillance tool used in all 50 states that records a vehicle’s time, date and GPS location along with a photo as it moves through the city.”

Below are a few examples of DHS/Police using high definition camera technology to spy on innocent Americans.

The South Carolina Police are using high definition cameras:

The Boston Police are using high definition cameras:

“This is a newer 30-times zoom,” he says. “They want to end up looking at the medical tent. If something’s happening, they can end up looking at the finish line, the bandstand, anything.”

Savage works for Lan-Tel Communications, a Massachusetts company contracting for Boston Police and marathon organizers. At the company’s office, workers link the cameras into the computer network while project manager Eric Johnson demonstrates that police can remotely watch feeds from and control the cameras.

“I’m zooming in on the infield of Fenway Park,” he says while maneuvering a camera. He uses a laptop to swivel and zoom the HD video camera on a building hundreds of yards away from the ballpark. The zoom is so powerful, Johnson says it could probably tell whether a Red Sox pitcher has thrown a strike or a ball.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona is also using high definition cameras:

“Maricopa needed an exceptionally reliable video surveillance system that could capture data in real-time, as well as store and process that information quickly,” says Molly Rector, CMO at storage infrastructure vendor DataDirect Networks. “Other factors it looked for included reliability, alerting, user friendliness, standardization and faster access to footage and forensic quality images.”

Police, EMS and Fire Departments have also begun using ‘PublicEye‘ mobile intelligence to spy on EVERYONE:

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