CDC Prepares For H7N9 Pandemic, Creates New Division For Total Control

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) put a notice in the federal register on Friday that announces the creation of a new division which would take total control of state and local pandemic response.The CDC also plans plans to “Federalize State and Local Health Department employees and  add 1000 medical officers to the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service,” according to the details of the video below from Potrblog.

Ostensibly the US Government / Centers For Disease Control is taking this action in preparation for the expected H7N9 Hemorrhagic Avian Influenza Pandemic. In the thought of letting no good crisis go to waste, the situation smacks of the kind of Centralized Planning and Control that all good commies and corporatists love; it also forebodes the systemic failures which injures all but the political connected.  

According to the CDC website, out of 130 documented human infections, 44 have died, meaning should this become a global pandemic, approximately 1/3 of those that become infected will die.

Source links from Potrblog’s website Pissin’ On The Roses will be shown below the video.

Source Documents:

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps  MEDICAL OFFICERS BEST KEPT SECRETS U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Opportunities

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CDC Says: “the US health care system is likely to be overwhelmed” from a Fall 2013 H7N9 Outbreak

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[ALERT!] ALL 300 Million American Citizens WILL Be Given TWO Experimental Adjuvant Laced H7N9 Vaccinations!


One thought on “CDC Prepares For H7N9 Pandemic, Creates New Division For Total Control

  1. Here comes another alphabet soup entity with guns.
    How many does this make now ?
    Why don’t they militarize the ice cream man too ?
    Well, it really doesn’t matter …
    We know who our enemies are anyway.

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