13 thoughts on “Check out the awesome obsidian knives Mike from Minnesota made and sent to JD and Henry

  1. Deer femur? Beautiful work! Wild guess from a greenhorn hunter.

    Didn’t hear the show, so excuse me if you already gave out the details.

  2. NICE!!!

    I’ve always known how razor sharp obsidian is, since I cut myself on it collecting rocks as a hobby when I was a kid (exciting hobby, huh?)

      1. Absolutely, Mark! Like the thinnest edge of glass you can imagine!

        How are you doing, brother?

        1. GOOD,

          In LA at the moment being grilled by attorneys. Deposition time because of a lowgrade traffic problem two years ago. Some piece of shit had his ass sticking out in the #4 lane while in the emergency lane.Needless to say, I pushed his illegal alien ass back in where it belonged.

          He is sueing my company for 750,000 dollars. Today, I put the brakes on that. I swore in and told the truth.

          A piece of shit from el salvador just met an American from Burbank, California, fu..king pole smoker.

          My attorney said it,s a slam dunk,he,s fu..ked. He lied about everything,even to his BS attorney,s.

          1. That sucks, man. Haven’t had to deal with the justUS ‘system’ since back in the mid-nineties myself. Last time I got a ticket was in ’93, I think.

            That’s LA as in the state, right? Not L.A. in CA?

          2. CR@P!!! Then I REALLY feel sorry for you!

            Freakin’ heat wave and all. We’re blazing here in Sweet Home, too. Better here than there is all I can say!

            Stay safe, brother. That’s a real nasty place.

  3. Nice work, Mike from Minnesota. You can walk right through the metal detectors with those things and plunge it right into the judge’s heart.

    I’m sorry to hear you had legal trouble, Mark. Maybe you need an obsidian knife, too.

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