Chem trail photo chronology from 03/24/14

5All pictures taken from local park in Carson City facing West, unless otherwise noted. Lake Tahoe is just over a dozen nautical miles West, behind the mountains. Keep in mind the location of the lake and it’s visibility as a land mark from any altitude.

The planes were going about 200 miles then returning to make the nest line. As many as three planes at a time were clearly visible at once. Other planes, airliners, were seen 5 or 6 times leaving the standard contrails that would be about “2 inches long” in the sky quickly dissipating.  

Total crap “camera” phone used – pics lack clarity, sorry.

Leaving work about 5:05 PST



At the park about 6:05



About 6:15



About 6:30 – 2 planes heading toward each other layin’ trails


The tracks were being laid progressively West, mostly parallel at this point. When I counted shortly after I could clearly see 18 trails, unfortunately this picture lacks the scope & clarity.


This is due East (simply faced the other way) lighter as it is not into the sun. Notice how there are no clouds or anything else in the sky.


Taken about 10 Am Tuesday 03/25/14 a block or two from the initial location facing mostly West. Notice the hole in the completely cloudy valley right where the planes were leaving trails the day before.


17 thoughts on “Chem trail photo chronology from 03/24/14

  1. Great one Cynicles, that is exactly how they do it here. What gets me is how do the sheeple not see this? When did we ever see this before? Never. Growing up you never, ever saw this. It is so in your face, it is sickening. Being sprayed like roaches, day after day. I want to put signs all over town, with big slogans “Look up people, they are spraying you like roaches, there are chemicals like aluminum, barium in these chemtrails, WAKE UP!” I am going to start working on some kind of campaign for this, we have to wake people up, if the masses wake up to the poisoning, maybe just maybe there will be a great awakening and we can stop them, I am hoping! I need to get my thinking cap on.

    1. Missy, I always hoped I could find one main website for people all over the globe to report on. No wander everyone you know is getting alzheimers. if “US law allows spraying US citizens with chemicals” does not get someones attention, I really do not know what will. So much sickness attributed to this, my gosh.

  2. I have counted as may as 26 of these here in Vegas at one time. I’ve considered wearing a dust mask at times they are so bad. Here lately they haven’t been to bad though but people just don’t see them, how I’m not sure. One of the guys that I thought was awake,when I said something about them, didn’t know what they were. I had to show him and explain it. It was a deer in the headlights look and he couldn’t believe he didn’t know about it. I guess you can be awake but you have to open your eyes also.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Cynicles. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar, and you beat me to it. Kind of like the old time-lapse photography.

    For me personally, one of the hardest and most bewildering things for me is the response from close relatives. One is a retired pilot!!! He says, “those are contrails.” So I wonder, is he in on it? Is he senile? Is he just in denial (can’t believe our government would do such a thing) so his defensive shields are strong? I’m very puzzled and frustrated. Though I do know, once you get your shield cracked, it may crack wide open, and THEN WHAT???? Lots of folks don’t want to go down that road at all. (with knowledge of Truth comes Responsibility. I guess deep down they may know that.)

    Other relatives likewise give me the old, “it’s contrails” speech with a bit of an indulgent smile because they know I’m not so very smart.

    I think it’s time to get out the camera and do the time lapse. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    1. Please do just that.

      The interesting part was the ‘regular’ planes in various directions leaving the contrail that would be short in lenght and time seen compared to the chem trails that lasted for well over an hour.

      Next time I will grab the wife or her sisters ‘smart’ phone instead of my seemingly 19th c. camera phone.

      The sister in law has been fairly reluctant to believe the tails I tell, this day she was with me at the dog park. Was nice she thought about it the next morning and snapped a pic (the hole in the sky one – the last pic) and sent it to me at work with a msg houw curious it was cloudy throughout the valley yet so nice in the spot they were layin trails the evening b4. As you mention seeing is often too much for some people and they do start to belive the person telling them was not as nutty as they thought. Granted, I wear my foil hat with pride.

      Some times the lie, the common story one has always heard is hard to overcome, even when presented with irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Just happy I have realized all is not as we have been told – the “truth”.

      1. Two things:

        The rationalized explanation I hear from people about the simultaneous appearance of contrails and chemtrails is “there are different atmospheric conditions in different parts of the sky. It affects the contrails differently, depending where the plane is.”

        I was shocked out of my mind the day I realized the magnitude of the lies we have been told. But I never for one moment have wished to un-know any of it, and go back to sleep.

  4. thankyou so much for this article! chemtrails lew hard and thick over west coast mountains, Sacramento Valley. Much lower than usual. On there is a man Dane Wigington that has done test samples on soil and snow. (not good folks) this is being done by the dept.of defense for crying out loud. Under the guise of cloud seeding?? climate change?? criminal Bill Gates behind this also. Where is the communist epa on this? Poisoning the globe. They have been asked to stop and won’t. @ he says, we may have to take a few down if they insist on continuing this. Millions agree.

    1. That is a great site, glad I stumbled upon it not long ago. I found only days ago, looks great.

  5. I have tried in vain to get people to notice, and had the same result:
    “That’s just contrails” or an oblivious response: “I’ve never really noticed…” Makes you feel like you’re just pissing into the wind.

    We are supposed to be waking people up to what is happening around us, but sometimes the hardest task is trying to save someone from their own ignorance. It’s not like we can stop this from happening anyway, unless someone has a missile battery at their house.

  6. Yep, that seems to be how they do in Dallas.

    Actually, today at work, I woke up one of my co-workers about the chemtrail issue. He knew a lot about what is going on with our government and the radiation in NM and the wars, the fluoride in the water and so on, but he never knew about chemtrails until I told him.

    After explaining to him the difference between contrails and chemtrails and how aluminum is just as bad as fluoride and that a hazy blanket of clouds always forms on a clear sunny day just 20 minutes AFTER the planes streak across the sky with their chemtrails, he was quite surprised and dumbfounded that he had never bothered to notice it before.

    Even told him the chemicals had U.S. Patents on the sides of the tanks on the planes. Showed him some articles on the topic and now he knows.

    Keep getting the word out, people!

    1. NC Great Job!!!! Waking up people is our job and you did an outstanding job today!! A+++, you get 5 gold stars for the day 🙂

  7. good job Cynicles
    I’m up in Portola CA not 50 miles Nwest from you and they were going crazy last week. It’s surprising more people out here don’t have back problems because you would think they never look up.

    At the north end of Reno is Desert Research Institute- just recently learned they have had propane boilers/ silver iodide on around 20 different mountains in the Sierra since the eighties. I guess they are shutting down the program- planes work better.

  8. Missy, thankyou your’e the best. Thanks to all posters also. They sprayed the West coast from Ore through Sacramento Valley very hard right before the rain came. Animals are not healthy, grass and feed are not healthy, people sick, alzheimers- everyone you know is getting this. I imagine we are going to find out a whole lot of illness coming from this. Neil Keenan has some videos on this subject along with Gates, the New World Order gang, their intentions w/agenda 21. It is hard to believe just how evil some can get. The last 5 yrs,I have done alot of research,they have had their plans for quite some time. Depopulation and world dominance is the goal.

  9. I’m so sorry I didn’t have my camera with me on the drive to work this morning, because I saw some of the most bizarre chemtrails I’ve ever seen. Photos are preferable to words, but I will describe these anyway:

    Three parallel broken lines (dashes) right across the sky. The planes were gone before I saw these (I didn’t see them being formed) but they were “fresh.” The dashes were perfectly aligned. My memory fails me a bit, but I think there were three parallel lines, each containing three perfectly aligned dashes.

    What (if anything) do the different sky patterns mean? (criss-crosses, triangles, dashes, etc.). Anything?? It’s freakin weird and obviously unnatural (not contrails, not “atmospheric conditions”)

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