Over 300 West African illegal immigrants flood across US-Mexico border into Arizona

By Katie Daviscourt – The Postmillennial

Over 300 West African illegal immigrants flood across US-Mexico border into Arizona

More than 300 mostly West African immigrants illegally entered the United States through the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona on Tuesday, something the Border Patrol described as a daily occurrence,  according to Breitbart News.

Border Patrol agents say that the large group of illegal immigrants, which included persons from Peru, India, Ecuador, and several Middle Eastern countries, will be released into the domestic United States unless a background check shows a criminal record, the outlet reports.

Video footage shows the migrants, who are predominately military-aged men without families, staging along the border wall near the Organ Pipe Monument National Reserve. The migrants passed through open storm drainage gates before traveling to a nearby water station and a rally area where Border Patrol officials started the preliminary steps of processing the group.

Few of the 300 or so migrants who made the months-long trek to get to the US-Mexico border from outside the hemisphere could speak Spanish or English. Some of them who claimed to be Senegalese knew French and a few words of broken English. Others spoke Hindi and Arabic.

The number of illegal immigrants from outside the hemisphere has increased significantly, according to Border Patrol. The outlet reports that compared to the same period in 2022, the number of migrants from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania arrested this fiscal year climbed by more than 6,000 percent. At the southwest border, there have been 1,400 percent more Egyptians detained this year compared to last.

“The constant barrage of migrants surrendering leaves us little else to do but replenish supplies, arrange for transport to the station, process, and get ready for the next day,” a Border Patrol agent told Breitbart, who explained that a group of similar size had made the same illegal entry the prior day before surrendering themselves to Border Patrol.

Border Patrol officers collected basic biographical data before dividing them into groups for transportation to a processing center. Agents from the Border Patrol claim that Lukeville continues to see a regular flow of migrants from all over the world.

Illegal border crossing has reached record-breaking numbers under the Biden administration due to the president’s open border policies which has created a humanitarian crisis impacting cities across the entire country.


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