Christian singer plans to hold COVID-19 ‘super-spreader’ event in LA

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A conservative evangelical Christian singer and COVID denier in the US has decided to hold two worship services in Los Angeles this weekend, sparking fear that the event may turn into a “super-spreader.”

Sean Feucht, who has the history of hosting “Let Us Worship” open-air concerts across the US in 2020, is opposed to COVID-related bans on religious gatherings.

His concerts are usually attended by hundreds of maskless worshipers, standing shoulder to shoulder while singing and dancing.

Feucht’s plans come as the US on Tuesday broke its record for the most number of coronavirus-related deaths in a single day with 3,725 cases. The country has now recorded a total of 338,656 deaths due to COVID-19.

As of Wednesday more than 82 million people worldwide have been infected with the virus, with the US continuing to have the highest number of infections.

Meanwhile, the Colorado health officials announced on Wednesday that they have detected the first case of a highly infectious coronavirus variant, which was originally discovered in Britain.

Health experts believe that the variant is more contagious than other previously identified strains of the SAR-CoV-2 variant, yet they say it is not more severe in the symptoms it causes.

The new variant has also been detected in several other countries including some in Europe as well as Canada, Australia, India, South Korea and Japan.

2 thoughts on “Christian singer plans to hold COVID-19 ‘super-spreader’ event in LA

  1. Wish he was having two hour get together on the bill of rights and they were Singing songs about freedom and courage. I am amazed how much shit they will put up with and watch people’s rights be violated, but will run out top speed to protest if Someone threatens their religious practice that tells them to turn the other cheek and if an authority comes to arrest them they should submit. (Yes that’s in the gospels). Irony is off the charts. The laws of this country (specifically the bill of rights) come first. Always.

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