Chuck Norris Launches His Campaign “Trigger The Vote” to Defeat Anti-Gun Liberals

Chuck Norris NRA Trigger The VoteIs That Baloney?

Chuck Norris, known for his kick butt, take no prisoners movies and TV shows, is partnering with the National Rifle Association to launch a new effort called “Trigger the Vote.” I bet you can’t guess what that’s about.

The group’s aim is to promote a national voter registration drive to elect men and women who support our individual liberties and will work to protect the constitutional rights, especially those of the 2nd Amendment, of American citizens.  

Norris calls the 2014 midterm elections, “more important than ever for the future of our country and our Second Amendment rights.” The Trigger The Vote website urges all freedom-loving Americans not only to register and vote, but to encourage their friends as well. has a wealth of information to help voters find their polling places, videos that feature Norris and other gun advocates, social media tools to allow users to spread the word about their efforts and other useful information.

Our gun rights are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution in plain language unlike access to abortions and free contraception touted by liberals and feminists. Our Founders knew, acted upon and fully understood that the right to keep and bear arms was one of the bedrock principles to American freedom. If that right is to fall or get watered down by those who do not understand what it is about, or by those that simply have an agenda, we are doomed as a nation.

We support Chuck Norris and the NRA 100%, do you?

One thought on “Chuck Norris Launches His Campaign “Trigger The Vote” to Defeat Anti-Gun Liberals

  1. Chuck Norris needs to get with the program. VOTING IS RIGGED!!

    You’d think his narrow eyes and Native American Indian six sense would notice that by now.

    Of course when he endorsed Mike Huckabee for president, he basically lost a lot of credibility and respect with me. To me, he’s still a sheeple trying to wake up.

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