CIA Urged Rebels to Assassinate Their Own in Order to Create “Martyrs”

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A CIA “psychological operations” manual prepared by a CIA contractor for the Nicaraguan Contra rebels noted the value of assassinating someone on your own side to create a “martyr” for the cause.

The manual was authenticated by the U.S. government.  

The manual received so much publicity from Associated Press, Washington Post and other media that – during the 1984 presidential debate – President Reagan was confronted with the following question on national television:

At this moment, we are confronted with the extraordinary story of a CIA guerrilla manual for the anti-Sandinista contras whom we are backing, which advocates not only assassinations of Sandinistas but the hiring of criminals to assassinate the guerrillas we are supporting in order to create martyrs.

Indeed, this is just one of scores of admitted false flag attacks by governments all over the world.

3 thoughts on “CIA Urged Rebels to Assassinate Their Own in Order to Create “Martyrs”

  1. Bullshit!

    They not smart enough for that and, as one of their assassins, it was only to get rid of witnesses who might disclose their cocaine trade to the public.

    They seized power by breaking their own laws and now it’s time to forfeit to their true master, Cuba.

    I hope you people see how pathetically weak this play is.

    So, it must be Hillary’s or Bush, Jr’s.

    At least they’re consistent at playing their games of checkers while the rest of the world plays chess.

    Will the last American out of Orlando (South Florida conquered and dominated by Cuba) please, bring the flag?

    This is SO PATHETIC!!!

  2. Might I add, no true American would do such a disgusting act for such a ridiculous reason.

    So, what?

    We murdered Adam Walsh because we needed a Martyr?!!!

    Is that their *chokes* LOGIC here?

    That is what they’re saying, right?

    This is the bullshit that they want you to swallow whole, right?

    Give me a break!

    The politicians were slaughtering white Americans along with the Cubans to impress their Communist masters and to get rich off of the cocaine gold.

    Adam Walsh, kidnapped by me for the hostile takeover of America by the Hispanic New World Order.

    I’m so sick of these people acting like everything is under control when we all know it’s not.

    People, we need a military coup and we need it now before Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or a Castro ascends onto the American throne.

    What would Pablo Escobar or the Castro’s do?

    They would line these bullshit artists (not) against a wall and shoot them dead for being traitors!

    So would any other country with an ounce of common sense.

  3. I shot Reagan along with Chapman, aka Hinkley. If this is true, then why am I not dead?

    Logic! Just a little bit of logic, please!!!!

    They, including Reagan, were just opportunistic cowards and they sat back and did nothing while the Cubans and the Russians ran mini-subs IN!! IN!! our Florida lakes and waterways!!

    Reagan, the so-called military genius (my ass) who build up our armed forces.

    Again, I say, so did Castro and Gorbechev ON AMERICAN SOIL!!

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