10 thoughts on “Clinton Defends Bergdahl Deal, “Doesn’t Matter” How He Was Captured


    “What difference does it make” IF WE HANG YOUR COMMUNIST @SS, B#TCH???

  2. Hows about we dont send them in the first place?

    “different morals”
    no sh!t hellery? you have different morals.

  3. “Doesn’t Matter “…..
    “What Difference Does It Make ?”…..
    These creatures really don’t care about
    the facts concerning anything.

  4. It does matter Hillary! YOUR president acted illegally!

    Let’s buy Hillary a brand new pair of cement shoes . . . in Commie Red!
    . . .

  5. Of course it doesn’t matter, because most of the idiots will believe whatever the TV tells ’em anyway. Just change the story and they’ll never know.

  6. …check out the eyes on HC during the interview…watch the way she has to widen her eyes and look up and away while she is bullshipping her way through the questions…and as she attempts to “manage” the interview …. she makes me ill..and deserves to be charged, tried and convicted of treason…then hang she and Bill at The National Gallows for American Values…


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