First case of Obamacare ID theft? Data found in Conn. backpack

Kevin J. Counihan, right, chief executive officer of Access Health CT, meets with James Michel, left, the firm's operation manager in July 2013.CNBC – by Dan Mangan

Officials in Connecticut are investigating what could be the first known case of ID theft related to Obamacare enrollment information, it was revealed Friday.

As many as 400 people enrolled in Connecticut’s state-run Obamacare exchange may have had their Social Security numbers and other personal information stolen, officials said Friday afternoon.

The “very serious” data breach came to light Friday when a person found a backpack on a street in downtown Hartford, the state’s capital, which contained “four notepads with personal information for approximately 400 individuals,” according to Kevin Counihan, CEO of the Access Health CT exchange. Access Health is located on the street where the backpack was found with the handwritten notes.

“The backpack also contained Access Health CT paperwork and it appears that some of that personal information may be associated with Access Health CT accounts,” said Counihan.

“It is still unclear where that backpack came from, and we are working with the Hartford Police Department to investigate, and contact the individuals whose information may be compromised,” he said.

Counihan called it a “potential issue of identity theft.”

Deputy Hartford Police Chief Brian Foley said cops went to Access Health CT offices at around 2:15 p.m. to meet with an official there “regarding an employee possibly taking customers personal information.”

Notes in the backpack included “possible customer information for Access Health CT, including people’s names, dates of birth, and some Social Security numbers,” Foley said, adding “It is unknown if anybody’s personal information was compromised.”

Counihan said the exchange’s legal department is in the process of notifying state and federal officials about the breach, as required.

“Let me be clear,” Counihan said. “We are sorry this happened. This is a very serious situation and we will hold the person or persons who are responsible to account.”

“We will work tirelessly until we have remedied this problem and can prevent any such reoccurrence.”

Aaron Albright, a spokesman for the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said: “This situation does not involve consumers who have used We are in contact with Connecticut and the state is providing updates on this incident.” is the federally run Obamacare exchange, serving 36 states.

4 thoughts on “First case of Obamacare ID theft? Data found in Conn. backpack

  1. led to slaughter these sheep are.

    Iv had my identity stolen 3 times because of dod and VA computer thefts. I love getting that letter in the mail. Too bad they wont unchain me from the ssn. Instead I get to pay to defend my(legal fiction) identity that the very group forcing me to have it compromised.

  2. I see it this way: Obamacare was named after Obama, I guess for the normal reason that he and it are somehow related or somewhat alike. Following this logic, it would not be reasonable that Obamacare would be very competent, honest, ethical, or even give a rat’s ass for the people.

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