CNN’s Tea Party Debate- Ron Paul Wins Individual Majority Vote

The Tea Party hijackers held their debate on CNN.  These neo-con national socialists will happily take the Social Security and Medicare and spend that money in forcing corporate dictates in foreign countries under the guise of emancipating women.  All but one of the candidates catered to the Tea Party hijacker neo-cons, which only represent 20% of the top 10% of the wealthiest.  They represent a minute minority.

The true Tea Partiers are nameless and faceless as they are either unemployed and can’t afford it, or too busy working to organize into groups that can get dressed up in $1,000 suits and attend a propaganda debate.

The 2012 election is not going to be decided by the neo-con Tea Party hijackers.  It is going to be decided by the American people of the American race who want our Republic back under our Constitution apart from the rest of the world with freedom and liberty and a return to prosperity.

The Tea Party Express is a sham.  These elitist neo-cons, who feed their greed with foreign wars, do not represent we the people.  They represent the small minority that believes in equality only to the extent that it is measured and doled out through privilege of birth and economic status.

Remember, the neo-cons who yelled out to let the 30 year old working man die in the street because he did not buy health insurance, are the same ones who attacked Congressman Ron Paul when he said we should quit borrowing our grandchildren into poverty to finance foreign wars that benefit only the corporate elite, showing that their patriotism equates a complete disdain for American life, whether it be a working man or a soldier.

Dr. Paul won the debate with the individual free citizens of the United States who are going to decide this election, in spite of every propaganda the wealth they have stolen from us will buy.

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  1. Poor Dr. Paul, unfortunately he makes too much sense. ” I’m trying to make you understand ” is a phrase I have been using for the past couple years. Most people are idiots and are incapable or not willing to understand. The world is truly upside down. There is nothing common about common sense.

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