Same Old Obama’s New Jobs Plan Different Day

It has been two weeks since the August job report came out wherein for the first time since 1945, zero jobs were created.  So what has our faithful government done to address this clear and present danger to our Republic?  Not one damn thing.  I know you socialist pigs out there are going to say President Barack Obama has brought forth a bold new jobs plan that is going to make everything all right again.  Horse doo doo.

All Barry the Rat has accomplished is having his opening campaign speech, outlining the rhetoric he intends to parrot up to 2012, introduced before a joint session of Congress.  And all this big bold plan equates to is more of the same old shit, which will be countered by the neo-cons with more of their same old shit.  The fact is jobs are not going to be created because the whole idea is to cripple our economy to the point that we will compete at the work site for food.

I hate to burst your bubble Barry, but the only ones parroting your lies are the same mush minds who got in step with you from the first lie in 2008, and these people are of the same caliber as those who gave their life’s saving to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  They are a waste of the air they are breathing and their genes will not be missed when they are removed from the pool.

Good morning, FOX News, you pack of pathetic propagandists.  I see you have Sarah Palin ahead of Ron Paul in your poll.  Again, no one believes you or anything you broadcast.  I’ll tell you what a FOX Republican Poll is, it is when all the elitist neo-cons pushing their private interests get together and call their friends to see if they are still on board with the fraud.

It is an FCC rule that news agencies must at least try to get the facts right, so I am going to make a correction for FOX News.  Their GOP polls are in reality neo-con polls and I promise you, they are the only ones being surveyed.  In MSNBC’s poll after they sponsored the last debate, Ron Paul literally blew the rest of the field away, but then we don’t want to talk about that, do we?

FOX News is attempting a slight of hand that would not fool a three-year-old, as in neo-con = Republican = Tea Party = the will of the people.   And all you have to do to see the quarter in their hand that they are going to try to convince you they pulled out of your ear, is to take the online MSNBC poll and put it beside the FOX neo-con poll, which only surveyed neo-cons who only make up 20% of the top 10%, making it abundantly clear that the propaganda is failing.

If the election were held today Ron Paul would win in a landslide against anyone the neo-cons or social communists could put up against him.  The people have seen the man behind the curtain and have read the T-shirt he is wearing which says “Mainstream Propagandist” in big bold letters.

The mainstream has become like watching a child caught in a lie.  The more they try to cover their deceit, the more blatant the lie becomes.  They have to know they are finished.  They cannot not know.  The only question is what is going to happen when the international corporate mafia gives up on the attempt and has to change tactics.

There have been a lot of reports in reference to troop deployments throughout the US but I do not worry as I know we the armed citizens of the United States represent the largest army to ever exist on this planet.  All other armies in the world, combined, pale in comparison.  I also am very confident that the handful of traitors in our armed forces who would actually fire on we the people will be wiped out within the first few days by the rest of our armed forces who are members of our families.

I believe the international elitists are running scared, and they should be as the jaws of justice are closing in around them, literally day by day now.   Truly they must realize that they are not going to survive.

So be ready as our enemies are the lowest cowards to ever exist on this planet.  They will use every form of duplicity and in the end will surround themselves with human shields, made up of the women and children of those who were stupid enough to stay with them.

When we finally have them in our grasp we will see them cry and beg for mercy and we will show them none as they are undeserving of the smallest consideration.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It’s so typical for a politician like Obama to repackage the same crap and hope enough fools buy into it. I find it insulting that this guy is trying to get re-elected when he should be contacting relatives back home in Kenya for a place to stay after his sorry ass gets deported. I still cannot believe that an illegal alien became a US Senator and weaseled his way into the White House. This should be called the millennium of lunacy!

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