7 thoughts on “Colonel Douglas Macgregor On Alleged Russian War Crimes In Bucha, Ukraine

  1. Thanks, Hal. All those resources in both of those countries, resources under the ground and above the ground… The Zio-controllers will get them no matter how this so-called war plays out. So, what about Vlad? Hasn’t he courted the Jews? Some even say he’s got Jewish roots. Who knows, but will they give him a fake victory? Or will the hodgepodge Zio-Ukraine walk away with the prize? Will Putin be swept away to a private island with slave-girls in a golden palace? Is the whole damn thing a distraction while they advance their plan to enslave all the planet?

    Damn hard to figure out all the many ins and outs in this so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine. That’s probably because confusion is part of the game-plan. I do know that most of our medial wants us to virulently hate Russia and Putin. I also know that much of the alt right claim Putin is a good guy. I’ve settled on all of it/them is/are contributing to The Great Reset, aka Global Communism with all its arms of societal surveillance and control. You know, THE U.N. NIGHTMARE!!

    I almost feel like I shouldn’t be commenting on any of this, that to do so is to be caught in their web. But I’m getting uncaught. What I have—–> Bill of Rights!! Bill of Rights!! BILL OF RIGHTS!!!


    1. Wanna see who’s caught in a web?
      Go read the comments.
      Especially pro Uke vids.
      I like to think the comments are generated by someone getting paid, because if not there’s a lot of lost mofo’s out there.
      Like I said, I don’t support either side. Just countering main stream. Looking for bits and pieces in nooks and crannies while waiting for my knee to heal a bit more, and this three day wind storm sh!t to subside.
      It’s time to get outside thingies going on while the season of death is fading out.
      You’re not tangled in a web.
      Just searching nooks and crannies like me 🙂

        1. Thanks 🙂
          The pain I can deal with.
          The wind is the issue.
          They say it’ll slow this evening.
          Been constant 30+ winds with 45 to 55 gusts.
          A little sideways snow/rain.

  2. Comment a scientist friend sent me:

    The west’s go-go support of the war in Ukraine is shooting off a helluva lot of DU. The tank battles are all shooting DU projectiles hitting DU armored tanks, some of it deflecting wildly looking like rayguns, exactly like the rounds the US shot in Fallujah atomic war. Nobody I have seen yet talks of this aspect. The whole topic is not important now and ironically all the nations now use DU incl Iran which just did that DU bunker buster attack on Erbil but they sanctimoniously claim their Islamic blood would never use atomic weapons. Ukraine gonna be cancer central for a long time. Birth defects not important. Permanent terrain contamination not important, like it usta be a topic people discussed. Not one article on this subject and there is a lot of DU going down. How does supporting war with western DU against Russian DU support Ukraine? The whole society now is insane. Even most of the fake ass opposition. … When we were doing the DU activism researching the topic, there came out an indie documentary on the attack on Fallujah filmed inside the city. It showed the new form of atomic warfare with DU projectiles. The DU burns right from the gun barrels so that it streaks a white tracer of burning uranium very visible like a ray from a raygun. When the projectile hits it both pierces armor because it is white hot and heavier than lead, and spalls into white hot burning uranium sparks and glowing globs, the “signature of DU weapons.” Nothing previously looked like that. All the tank battles in Ukraine are showing DU on both sides, attack and counterattack DU.


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