Colorado County Takes Drastic Steps To Curb Illegal Immigration: ‘No More Freeloading’

By Cullen McCue – Trending Political News

Dallas County, Colorado has warned bus companies to stop transporting newly arrived illegal aliens to its area. Colorado has been overwhelmed by tens of thousands of illegal aliens arriving in the state due to its “sanctuary” policies, which prevents state and local law enforcement from coordinating with federal officials on deportations.

Douglas County Commissioner George Teal made clear that his community, which leans overwhelmingly Republican, is not a sanctuary city. “No more freeloading,” Teal recently told Fox News.

Under a new ordinance, busses dropping off “commercial passengers” in “unplanned locations” in Douglas County could be slapped with fines as high as $1,000. Local law enforcement will also have the capability to seize the buses.

The legislation comes as Colorado towns and counties seek to run from the effects of illegal immigration, which has led to shortages and instability in Denver. City officials have warned that the crisis has placed a financial strain on the city while others have been caught on video instructing illegal aliens to go to New York or Chicago instead.
Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced in February that the city would be closing four illegal alien shelters with the goal of injecting roughly $60,000,000 back into city services.

“Denver got on the bandwagon of the anti-Trump fad of declaring a sanctuary city early, among Democrat cities across the nation,” Teal said. “We’re not a Democrat county. We’re a community that is mostly Republican. We were never going to be a sanctuary county.”

In Monument, local officials voted to affirm the town’s non-sanctuary city status as fears grow that illegal aliens could soon be arriving in the town from Denver and other blue areas. “We know that it’s just a matter of time before Denver starts diverting buses here into Douglas County. We’re to the south of Denver — right between Denver and Colorado Springs. And that’s why we did this ordinance, so that, when that happens, we’re prepared,” Teal said.

At least 10 million illegal aliens have entered the county since Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

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