Coming soon, iris scanning cars that talk to traffic signals


Delta Id wants every car to scan your iris, so they can authenticate the driver before ignition.

“ActiveIRIS system scans the iris of the driver to authenticate him or her, before enabling ignition.”

ActiveIRIS identifies the driver, monitors (spies) your driving and spies on your seat, infotainment and temperature preferences.  

“With Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS system, all the driver needs to do is look to unlock the vehicle and personalize the cabin settings as he or she gets ready for the ride. Additionally, the ActiveIRIS system can monitor the eyes…”

New technology allows vehicles to talk to traffic lights

image credit: Networkworld

Since 2006, Audi has been working on developing vehicles that talk to city/state infrastructure, otherwise known as ‘V2I‘. Their selling point is a car that knows when a traffic light is about to turn red or green. But what they don’t want you to think about is big brother knows how fast you’re travelling.

The technology essentially allows the smart cars and traffic signals to “talk” to each other, relaying information about the length of time for red lights, Malhotra said. The dashboard display is equipped with a countdown clock that keeps track of the time until the next green light while also advising how fast a vehicle should travel to make it.

What they’re really saying is, ‘V2I’ communications allows Big Brother, to spy on you at all times. This is a cops wet dream, how long do you think it will be, before cops use this technology to mail people tickets for speeding or a red light violation?

Motorists are being tracked in real-time

The vehicles are equipped with a communication system [V2I] that takes in real-time data collected at the traffic management system operated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

The NHTSA says that by 2040 up to 80% or 250,000 traffic signals will be V2I enabled.

Click herehere to find out more about V2I.

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  1. I won’t buy a car or any other device that requires me to input any sort of biometric information. Neither will I ever willingly give up such information in any context. Many years ago I was fingerprinted for a job application, but that’s as far as it will go if I have anything to say about it.

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