Commander in Chief John McCain Commits the US to World War III

On May 4, 2013, Israeli warplanes launch unprovoked attack on Syrian military as Syrian government forces reach the final stages of repelling US Israeli Al Qaeda mercenary invasion into that country.

On May 5, 2013, Israeli warplanes again launch an unprovoked airstrike on the outskirts of Damascus as allegations of chemical weapons being used by the Syrian Army fails to draw the US into the conflict.  

On May 22, 2013, the US Senate approves SR 65 with a vote of 99-0, declaring every American life and this country’s wealth and resources to the Middle East Zionist Empire of Israel.

On May 27, 2013, the European Union agrees to lift its arms embargo on Syrian opposition.

Also on May 27, 2013, Industrial War Complex Kingpin, John McCain, covertly enters Syria via Turkey for a secret meeting with the US Israeli sponsored Al Qaeda insurgency, hired to topple the Assad government, promising the US Israeli proxy state of the art weaponry and training in an effort to salvage the insurgency.

On May 28, 2013, Russia announces it will be making deliveries of S-300 air defense missiles to Syria, presumably to put an end to the unprovoked air attacks on that sovereign nation.

Also on May 28, 2013, Israel threatens Russia that it will attack Russian planes in Syrian air space delivering the anti-aircraft missile systems.

Syria has shown no aggression towards the United States, even though it is common knowledge that the Al Qaeda insurgency inside their borders was bought and paid for with US taxpayer dollars.

Syria has not attacked Israel, yet the mainstream propagandists in the United States continue to paint the war mongering Israelis as some sort of victim of the internal conflict in Syria.

Israel continues to break ground in the Golan Heights, for the purpose of further settlements on so called occupied territories, not to mention stealing and selling Syrian oil beneath that ground.  And of course these new settlements require water, which the Israelis intend to take from Syrian territory yet uncaptured.

Israel regards the people of the United States as their property to be used to their benefit as they see fit.  The Zionists in Israel are the most diabolical species of human being to ever exist on this planet as they consider all other life of no consequence in their lust for global dominance.

From 1947 to 1991, the United States and the former Soviet Union engaged in what was known as the Cold War, with the cost to each side at around $8 trillion, and this was in 1947 to 1991 fiat dollars, not to be confused with the all but worthless fiat dollar of today.

How much better could the people of the US and Russia have lived without this unimaginable suck of resources and wealth into the Industrial War Complex?  But we were told it was worth it.  It was sold to us as “mutual assured destruction” as it would limit all war to nothing more than controlled regional conflicts because escalation beyond that would be nuclear, and as both sides possessed the power to destroy the earth many times over, it was simply something we would not, could not let happen.

But the Industrial War Complex must have war and the bigger the war, the bigger the profits. That being said, there has been immeasurable effort put into the notion of a third world war.  Ask yourself, how could they ever sell this to the people after over forty years of the absolute assertion of absolute destruction via World War III?

Well, enter into the equation the Zionists and the new world order who have been planning this chaos every step of the way.  As previously mentioned, they see all other human life as completely expendable to their goals.

So what is the agreement here on the international scale, a limited nuclear war?  If this is the case then the winner has already been decided.  So is it to be Russia or the United States?  How about neither?  How about Russia and the United States destroy one another, along with China, India, Pakistan, and the European Union, and what?  Israel comes through unscathed, dominant over the world.  Oy.

You say it can’t be?  Well maybe if I put it like this.  Israel and Switzerland, where they keep their gold, come through unscathed.  What, you say?  Oh yeah, you know Switzerland, that saw two world wars rage around their borders as they went untouched.

If you want to see what a war pig looks like, gaze upon John McCain, and watch this abomination as death spills from his lips.  And remember, this single creature seems to have the notion that he alone, acting unilaterally, in the name of the people of Arizona?, is ordained as the individual that can perpetrate the deaths of billions.  Does such a power exist, and if it does, does any American have a say in his or her destiny?  Well the US Senate on May 22, 2013 said 99-0, “No we don’t”.

All hail John McCain, undisputed Industrial War Complex Dictator of the enslaved United States.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

19 thoughts on “Commander in Chief John McCain Commits the US to World War III

  1. Just imagine what this bastard from the fourth dimension of hell would have done as Commander In Chief!

  2. I just want to remind you of what a HERO John McCain really is …..
    Back in 2000, in South Carolina, the robocalls–and calls to local right-wing talk radio shows–were about John McCain’s “interracial child” and Cindy McCain’s drug addiction. They were a craven, disgusting tactic by the George W. Bush campaign. Bush did not just spit in McCain’s face, Bush spit all over McCain’s WIFE’S face.
    Instead of punching-out Bush,COWARD McCain groveled and supported Bush.
    Now McCain runs around wanting to start all sorts of WARS,
    I suggest McCrazy go finish HIS OWN WAR.
    McCain was caught up in the Keating 5 scandal in the 80’s and
    looked to be thrown out of Congress and potentially put in jail.
    Amazingly, since then he’s been a consistent stooge for all
    aspects of globalism, most notably Empire and illegal alien
    importation. Of course, he got a minimal wrist slap for his
    role in the S&L corruption.
    What a coincidence! No, what a useful & obedient tool.
    McCain crashed FIVE American planes, making him an enemy “ACE”.
    His conduct gives credence to the numerous claims that McCain was a “JailHouse SNITCH” in Hanoi.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of that thieving bastards involvement in the S&L fiasco! The foreclosures etc that got everyone in a twist about were nothing new and I have pointed that out so many time I should not be shocked by peoples lack of memory.
      I lost my home in the 80’s S&L sh%t It ain’t noting new to me!
      Time for a stiff drink and a smoke! That may be the only things keeping me from going Postal right now!

  3. This man is a TRUE TRAITOR. He keeps selling the Americans out. He is part of that scum-bag gang bang 8. Now he is meeting with terrorist’s.
    No wonder regular citizens are starting to threaten the people in Washington.
    Seems like the illegal ‘s are getting attention,
    ( ILLEGAL’S). Now it’s TERRORIST’S. He also is one of Israel’s bitches. I am sure he is getting paid by Monsanto too.
    People we have a long list of Terrorist’s in the White House and congress whose agenda is to crush the United States and they are doing are really good job.
    For those of you who think we are “The Land of The Free ” well you can keep dreaming, we are now ” The Land of The Confined”. If you own a gun your now a domestic terrorist. Or if speak badly about your government your a terrorist. Or if you have more then 1 weeks food in your home, your a terrorist, the common United States legal Citizens are now labled Terrorist’s.
    More and more rights are taken away from the People. The only thing different from Nazi history is the documentation of people loosing their rights is being filmed in high definition color not black and white.
    The Jews in Israel are taking part in their Holocaust ( Genocide ) against Palestine. Since McCain met with the terrorist’s in Syria I am sure we can add their population to the Israel genocide list.
    The people you voted in office care NOTHING about the USA. They don’t give a shit. They are being paid by the corrupt corporations and banksters.
    The USA needs to back away from Israel because the Zionists are walking us into WW3, no more kids have to die for Israel let them fight their own wars with their own people.

  4. Hi Henry,

    Good review of some of the recent events occuring in Syria.

    Any one event by itself, or even a couple looked at in combination, do not seem to indicate much,… but when we look at all the recent events, and the parading of propaganda, arms, and money into the Syrian mulching machine, we see a clear, irrefutable pattern emerge,… the crucible of WW-3 is in play.

    I strongly sense we will soon see a “Francis Ferdinand” (The Austrian Arch-Duke killed that supposedly started WW-1) moment occuring in the very neay near future. It may not be a specific individual in this case, but a specific event that demands “actions”,.. such as a No-Fly-Zone,… Direct-Military-Intervention,,… and so forth, so that they have an excuse to bring the might and weight of full Set-Piece forces into the arena (Syria), and take out Assad.

    Lets see how Russia plays its hand.

    JD – US Marine – A desperate NWO will do desperate things…..

  5. The killing of untold millions, and the instigation of two world wars isn’t enough for the Zionist lunatics. They’re at it again, doing all they can to crank up world war three.
    And they’ll be successful at it as long as there are enough idiots still being brainwashed by their media control.
    Until the battle to restore our republic begins, the most effective thing you can do is educate as many people as possible. The only power they have over us is their ability to deceive us, and if nobody believed their lies anymore, they could crank up all the wars they wanted to, but no one would show up to fight them.

    Henry — you and J.D. definitely have the best radio show on the air these days, but sometimes it sounds as if there were a microphone in your hand, it would be getting crushed. I know the feeling, but please don’t give them a reason to throw a net over you.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Why would they want to throw a net over me? I’m not a fish.
      The fact is if becoming enraged when observing an outrageous situation is cause to be attacked then my point is proven.
      F#@k political correctness. We all should be doing a hell of a lot more than yelling about this.
      And thank you for your kind compliment on the broadcast.

      1. No — there’s definitely nothing wrong with your or your reactions. Any amount of anger is perfectly justifiable these days, but we both know they might go to any ends to silence the truth.

        And I don’t practice “political correctness” either. I’ve been sounding more and more like Archie Bunker ever since they introduced the concept.

  6. Our military is worn out and worn down. It’s stretched too thin. We have neither the money, manpower or equipment to engage in full scale conventional war. Therefore the Pentagon will be faced with a simple choice. Commit national suicide with a nuclear exchange with Russia on behalf of Israel or honor the oaths taken to the Constitution and stand down by saying no. I may be wrong, but I truely feel we have enough honorable men in command positions that if given the order to destroy their country they will say no. What happens after that? Who knows. But I can’t believe men who swore oaths would happily see our country destroyed to placate Israel. Perhaps when Israel pulls their next misstep, we let Putin teach them a lesson about poking an angry Bear with pointed sticks.

  7. How many politicians can you name that been given a presidential pardon for their traitorous activities?

    At least one, John McCain.


    Presidential pardon from Nixon saves John McCain from treason and collaboration charges according to Rolling Thunder Founder and 3 war veteran, John Holland….Why nothing in the news…Why no reports…..

    Colonel Ted Guy was preparing criminal charges against John McCain when Nixon took Admiral McCain’s little boy under his wing. Where are McCain’s 32 propaganda tapes that were made during Vietnam and broadcast over the radio to US troops?

    There is also Ted Guys statement.

    If you are curious…. []

    Where are those tapes? My guess is in Tel Aviv.

    If Bradley Manning is being charged for giving aid and comfort to ‘al CIA Duh,’ then couldn’t McCain be charged with the same, due to his Memorial Day trip to Syria where he cozied up with those terrorists and promised weapons?

  8. John McCain doing more treasonous things. He still hasn’t learned his lesson after being pardon by Nixon. He also still feels he has the power in Arizona as the another Moses to hold back the border walls, while still somehow allowing illegals to come in.

    He’s a mere senator, yet somehow feels he has the ability to go way beyond his power to go to another country and preach his propaganda that he has no right, no political authority nor is he in any political position to do so. How is talking to people in Syria have ANYTHING to do with the people in the state of Arizona? I’m glad they elected him to help the State.

    After not being able to stop illegals from crossing the border, not building a wall and not putting more ICE agents, he still feels he has the time to make trips to Syria, Turkey and so on. And why is he not fired or ousted out by the people of Arizona? WTF?? I’m sure he would have if he didn’t get out of that Arizona town meeting in time. They looked like they were ready to lynch him for not doing his job and then he had the balls to say out of cowardice desperation to say something along the lines of “You don’t know what your talking about. That’s why I am here to make those decisions for you.” Unbelievable! People should hang the bastard, the first chance they get!

  9. What pisses me off about geezer traitors like McCain is the fact they keep getting re-elected. These political sluts are supposed to be representative of their State. Indicates to me 2 things; the Vote is RIGGED or the States have the most retarded voter base on the planet. Personally, I believe it’s rigged.

    Dementia should be a disqualification for ANY public office. McInsane has a triple dose.

    1. Alliance with Israel should result in immediate removal from office. I believe that would pretty much remove all the traitors in the House, Senate, and the Oval Office.

      1. YES Millard!
        That pretty well empty’s DC! Turn that worthless swamp land back to swamp land I say!

  10. The elite must have transferred their power from the retired Joe Lieberman to McCain because to me he is nothing more than a continuation of him. Communist, Zionist, treasonous and looney to the core. Lindsey Graham is next in line of that power if McCain is ever to be gone.

  11. TRAITOR!!! Hanging is WAY to good for this Zionist POS.
    Good photo of him, though. Definitely reveals his demonic nature.

    As for political correctness, that’s reserved for the mindless sheeple, not those who are awake. The only leaders of any countries today that I would consider ‘politically correct’, or more precisely, correct in their politics, are Assad and Ahmadinejad.

    Maybe you could throw in Putin, but he’s more of a wild card.

    1. Isn’t it something that the “most hated” of world leaders happen to be the ones against the NWO!

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