Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award

Published on May 29, 2013 by wearechange

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For the third time, Luke Rudkowski confronts Henry Kissinger about his crimes against humanity and the Bilderberg group. Luke also asked him about the comment he is on record saying “The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” This took place at the Intrepid Freedom Gala where Henry Kissinger was receiving a reward for “freedom and democracy.”

Watch behind the scenes footage and see how this confrontation was able to take place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQUB1G…

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5 thoughts on “Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award

  1. OMG! Kissinger is so full of himself, he makes the devil look good. Look at the way he gets the medal as though he is shocked. “Who me? I won? I can’t believe it. This is amazing.”

    Freedom award? “My hero, Henry Kissinger.” says Petraeus. WTF??? Well, we know that psychotic Zionists Jews are heroes on Petraeus’ life. What a joke.

    It’s actually hilarious that the evil one is exalting himself and the only ones who praise him are the one’s at that ceremony who are paid to do so. He knows that all of those medals and awards that he receives don’t mean jackshit to him if the people don’t support it. He might as well have been given a stone off the street. He’s like someone who has never helped anyone in his life and has done nothing but destroy people’s lives and expects everyone to bow down to him. Such a tyrant.

    For someone with so much freedom and suppose to have so much happiness, he sure is scared and paranoid every time someone accuses him of being an international war criminal. Just listen how he always asks, “What is your name? Who are you working for?” Almost sounds like someone who’s guilty in the hot seat and is afraid or doesn’t want to be questioned.

    The devil is nothing if he can’t have EVERYONE bowing down and worshipping at his feet. All that money and power and he still has no life of his own nor will he ever have the ability to control free will. How pitiful and weak, he is.

    Why this guy is still alive, is WWWWWWAAAAAYYYYY beyond me. If someone hasn’t hanged his ass by now, he surely must be getting up there in old age. Why hasn’t he croaked? He can’t even speak without sounding like a retarded robot. This guy is the laughing stock of the world.

  2. This fat slob of unmeasurable evil should have been killed off long ago.
    While sitting, would have been a good time to dump some entrails on him.
    Strange, I never hear of any of the walking slime croaking. Beginning
    to doubt they are even of human dna. This is where SciFi comes from.
    Imagine the internal organs are pure rotten. Watch for the maggots.

  3. I gotta hurl on deck. WTF is wrong with Petraeus? Hero? Friend? This sub-human garbage is way past due for the 6 ft deep dirt nap. Who gives awards to tyrants? Oh yeah the same “government” that gives us never ending wars, false flags, murders, spying, tyranny, threats, the FED, the IRS, and a collapse (planned) in the coming future. You know the puppets that are owned and controlled by the International Jews, lock stock and barrel…yeah those ones. Kissinger, you are a disgrace to humanity. You little sawed off, fat, disgusting, miniature Jabba the Hut looking, treasonous, traitorous, evil, babbling, c#@t. You only deserve one thing-life in prison for crimes against humanity.

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