Common Core Book Teaching Children That Anyone Against Obama Is Racist … And No White Person Would Vote For Obama


Fourth graders in Dupo Illinois are reading a biography of Barack Obama by author Jane Sutcliffe that teaches children that white voters rejected Obama because of race.


Memo to Jane Sutcliffe and the left-wing loony teachers using the book –43% of whites voted for Obama in 2008 and 39% in 2012.

10 thoughts on “Common Core Book Teaching Children That Anyone Against Obama Is Racist … And No White Person Would Vote For Obama

  1. Just another example of their technics for brain washing, if they can teach the kids that they can follow up and teach them anything.

  2. What if you voted for the WHITE half of the kenyan,according to satans kids(j-ws) you are what your mammy is so hes just a chocolate colored WHITE GUY

    1. Ya mean like a choculite Steve LOL ? 🙂 Or , on second thought , could it be a “wiggan”, ya know a white guy trying to be a black guy or a black guy trying to be a white guy LOL.

      1. Hey Digger,One thing for sure Hes/its a fkn embarressment to which ever race it belongs to.Heres a new twist LETS BAN OREO’S they are like two black guys jumping on a white guy certainly much more “RACIST” THAN A GOOD OL AMRICAN peanutbutter & jelly sandwhich,wouldnt you agree LOL

  3. No wonder Oprah just received the Medal Of Freedom, she is telling this same old lie. I wonder if Oprah wishes she were more of a deviant…….cuz then she would have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize…. just like another racist, that we all know, received not that long ago.
    Hey, hey, hey…..good…bye.
    Folks, times are GOOD. WE have THEM on the run, and they are starting to cry like the little satanic brats that they are.

  4. Racist???

    Another case of the pot calling the kettle black? Except in this case, the pot is a lying POS.

    So, let’s call a spade a spade.

    If his killing of innocent people overseas with drones, introducing the treasonous NDAA, Obummerdoesn’tcare, funding of terrorists over in Syria,(and who knows how many other places, currently), allowing the free flow of illegals across our southern border, (and granting them far more (free) services than we’re afforded), taking multi-million dollar vacations at every opportunity, lying just about every time he even opens his yap, and being a POS communist to boot aren’t enough good reasons to hate this traitor, then I don’t know what the hell is, regardless of his pigment.

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