Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!

The powers that be really don’t want clean energy, now do they?

Published on Feb 28, 2013 by anonscience

Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!
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12 thoughts on “Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Another scam.

    His basic proposition is that the “motor” creates more power than it consumes,.. thereby generating “free energy” that drives the car motor.

    This is nonsense.

    This approach dates back more than a thousand years with what is catagorically called the “perpetual motion device”,.. wherein, the device requires some intitial outside force to get it going,.. and the “device” starts to generate more energy than it consumes, thereby allowing itself to continue running without any outside energy source.

    This is pure,… unadultered bullcrap.

    It violates the first law of Thermodymanics, which is basically the
    “Conservation Of Energy” principle you learned in highschool, which states that energy is neither created or destroyed,.. it is merely changed in form.

    This device, and any other “perpetual motion” device all require the internal creation of energy that overcomes its own frictions and inefficiencies to maintain operation,.. plus the creation of additional energy of your wish to use it to drive something else.

    This is simply physically impossible,… at least in this universe.

    Just another scam,… I dealt with these all the time as a VP Of Enineering when companies would approach us for “investiment” funds as they were always on the “Verge of a break through!” using magnetic driven systems of some sort.

    JD – Your basic physics lesson for today.

    1. LOL JD. Maybe the manics of Thermody were wrong about the first law. Who knows?
      I ate the whooooole cookie this morning. Meaning the planes can chemtrail me directly in the face today…lol.
      But seriously, what if this fella was onto something and some such corporate entities didn’t like it and had him killed? Even if his magnetic motor was susceptible to the first law of maniacal thermody, wouldn’t they just grease him anyways to remove any potential competition?

  2. In 1936, Tesla demonstrated an electric car in front of hundreds of witnesses and industry reps. He put a 75hp electric motor in a car, ran two wires through the firewall to the front seat, went to the corner hardware store and bought some Vac. tubes and some electrical parts, assembled them in a shoe box size box in the front seat with two small metal rods protruding, attached the two wires to the metal rods, pushed them down and said “now we have power” and drove the car for a week at up to 90mph on nothing but that shoe box. He said that the power was harnessed from both the suns energy and from the magnetic flux around the earth and that you could run a car or your house, for that matter, forever, on nothing. But Standard Oil, Westinghouse, or rather the Carnegies, Morgans, and Rockefellers had the media portray Tesla as a kook dabbling in foolery. Tesla took his invention in disgust and buried it in his records.

    However on another note: Lt. Col. Tom Beardon (ret), Physicist, Nuclear Scientist, Nuclear and Scalar Weapons expert, with an impressive resume, one of our top Scientists says: That Tesla had nearly developed Scalar and Weather weaponry so advanced that the common scientific community were at a loss to understand Tesla’s advanced physics and science. Lt. Col Beardon goes on to say that in the 1950’s Russian agents stole some of Tesla’s experiments and scientific papers, took them to Russia and have developed weaponry so advanced as to put America at serious risk, so powerful are these weapons that even the Russians are terrified of their potential. Some of these weapons can be aimed anywhere in the world fired by a beam of some sort and at the point of aim will cause massive storms and massive earthquakes. Mr. Beardon also says that this was not discovered until the 1990’s by American Intelligence and now we are and have been working to “catch up” to the Russians.

    Also, Lt. Col. Beardon has revealed that four countries have this weaponry, Russia with completed and functional weapons, China, which was given some of the science by Russia, Brazil which is in the early stages of experimentation, and some neutral small country which has developed this weaponry in its most advanced state today – this small neutral country is friendly with America but Beardon will not name it.

    You can go to Lt. Col. Beardon’s site and read his impressive resume and his many projects as Chairman of a dozen or so Engineering and Scientific organizations and committee’s.

    When the Trade Towers fell, I said at that moment, my wife as a witness, that no way did those towers fall in their footprint without internal demolition, I had 87 credits in Civil Engineering at Penn State as some education in structural engineering. Near all the Engineers at Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp that I talked with, as I was working as a repairman there, fell for the government explanation or coverup.

    My point: There has been many rumors of some inventing “perpetual motion engines or motors” and then being silenced, threatened or bought out. Does one exist – maybe or possibly. As to my fellow marine’s comment above I must say I have no absolute confidence in most Engineers or comparable occupations in Science and Physics or whatever. There are exceptions to the Laws of Physics that we do not know yet. Look at the inventions of Tesla, unbelievable that a man back around early 1900’s had amassed more knowledge in science, engineering and physics to be far ahead of any comparable persons even today. Tesla, it is said could, in his mind, momentarily work out the most advanced equations and experiments in a few moments and say – yes or no they would or would not work, so far advanced was his knowledge in science.

    As far as perpetual motion, one would of course need a “starter” but then something like the reversal of magnetic poles could keep that motion going. If I remember, not maybe 15 years ago, there was an article showing and revealing a “perpetual motion engine” that had been invented by a reputable company, their problem was how to harness or clutch the motor which had over 600hp.

    US Marne fighting Tyranny – other than some basic disagreements, I’m with you on your intro statement. Obama’s mission was and is to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship – sooner or later, and I think sooner – we will see the SHTF. – Nam Marine.

  3. I’m not a scientist but I do have good common sense. What I saw was this guy driving his car with an electric motor, period. And there’s one way to put it to the test and see if it really works….simply …drive the darn thing. You don’t need math equations and theory’s to see if his invention works. You just borrow his car for a couple of weeks and drive it. Now you know if it works…or not. Simple.

  4. Jarhead,not wishing to get in a pissing contest but 600 lil ol horses can be run with a pretty much STANDARD clutch thats been balanced properly

    How much horsepower does a dragracer have
    Depending on class, drag racers can range from 1,200 to 7,000 HP! That’s 8 & 37 times that of a street car respectively!
    thats out of 8 cylinders,no problem having a CLUTCH to connect it

    Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 12:28AM EST


    Read more http://www.kgbanswers.com/how-much-horsepower-does-a-dragracer-have/19735335#ixzz2lPf7bjp4

  5. Using alternating poles for continuous thrust is called a pulse engine. There is a Chinese model that uses an unbalanced wheel in a ferrous liquid to create a constant potential. The idea is interesting. Simply lining a cylindar with alternating poles will not work because eventually the field will stabilize and the machinery will come to a rest. There must be an imbalance in the system to create the potential for for a constant flux, either mechanically or in the magentic field.

    1. Can we use Doc. Emmet Brown’s FLUX CAPACITOR(back to the future movies) I think I will stay with J D’s summation of the laws of physics in every day language the total can never be more than the sum of its parts as in 2+2 can never ever equal 5 it will always be 4

  6. I will always keep an open mind when it comes to alternative energy . Tesla thought outside the box!!! He must have been from another PLANET !!!

  7. The title says he was killed.

    Aside from the title, where is there any info about such a thing?

    Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!

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