Communist Black Panther Gives MLK Week Keynote At PSU

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Portland State University recently hosted Angela Davis, a renowned Black Panther and former 2 time Communist Party USA nominee for Vice President. Ms. Davis had the honor of giving the keynote address during the university’s MLK Week.

In a video posted by LaughingAtLiberals, her speech including sympathizing with the Charlie Hebdo shooters by saying “It is so sad to see that the use of the term “terrorist”, which reminds me of the way communist used to be used, spreads such fear in people’s hearts…To ask questions about those young men who did that horrible thing in Paris. But what kind of lives were they living? No one talks about the conditions under which they live, in the ghettos surrounding Paris. People don’t like to talk about French racism. Seems to me like we have to be willing to look at the entire story and not simply use the word “terrorism.”  

She goes on to say “We have a serious problem with gun violence in this country… So I think we really should disarm everyone. That also means disarming the police.”

Promo poster at PSU for Angela Davis' keynote speech.

Ms. Davis was an active Black Panther in the 1960’s and 70’s, and was once on the FBI’s top 10 Most Wanted list for her role in supplying guns that were used in a Marin County court room hostage situation. She was eventually acquitted of all charges.

In 1979, the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union awarded her the “Lenin Peace Prize“, and she was invited to Moscow to accept the award.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Davis has created controversy at a university. Just last year UCLA students were in an uproar over her inclusion in a “We, The Optimists” campaign.

4 thoughts on “Communist Black Panther Gives MLK Week Keynote At PSU

  1. I thought this trash bag was dead, but here she is, still pushing the commie agenda, with its ubiquitous “take away the guns” theme.

    Wasn’t this peace-loving flower child also a member of the weathermen, that were blowing up buildings all over the country in the sixties?

    These same freaks who employ violence whenever it suits their agenda are the first to insist that no one else should own guns.

  2. Yes, because disarming everyone will help protect us from those criminals who, you know, don’t follow the laws.

    And by the way, you treasonous Communist witch (because that’s exactly what you look like. Salem witchtrials anyone?), owning a gun is a RIGHT given to us by our creator and is our 2nd Article Right. If you don’t like it, then go live in China or some other country that doesn’t have that Right and leave us the F**k alone! I don’t understand why you have to force your views on us. Communist China would love to have you. What’s stopping you? If you love Communism so much, just go there or to Russia or any other Communist country. If Communism is so great, why do you want to stay here in the US? Oh that’s right. You gotta have your WORLD COMMUNISM for your masters. Can’t live with the fact that one country doesn’t like Communism? It must be eating you up inside? Boo-F**KING WHO!!! 😡

    If this were the Salem witch hunts, she’d be burned at the stake, right now.

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