Communist Goals for the United States from 1963

Uploaded on Jun 24, 2010 by fab4bear

Exposes the Communist Party USA by revealing their stated goals in 1963. Documented by Congressional Record. Sounds like they’re making great strides, although it’s taken 47 years. No worry, they’re patient. Goodbye America, it was great while it lasted, but they finally got one elected to President. How’s that “hopey-changey” thing working out for you? It makes me SICK to my stomach.

8 thoughts on “Communist Goals for the United States from 1963

  1. Oh, it was conceived by the Jews, read the 29 Protocols & the 600 edicts that follow. Once again, FDR did the big push in 1933 when he dissolved Congress & instilled a Stalin form of Socialism, both, are still in place today!…Continue to crusade for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  2. This should be shown to every American (at gunpoint, if necessary, and even then half of them wouldn’t get it, or believe it).

    The sheeple have no valid excuse, as far as I’m concerned. The information is out there, available to all.

    1. How can the average American deny that this has already happened… unless they are blind, deaf, and dumb?

      At the very least, it shows that McCarthy was correct in his convictions.

  3. It is my opinion it can only work on people that are already dumbed down and lacking common sense. I never lost anything I was taught both in private school or at home. I move away from that which is poisonous.

  4. Do not believe…our united states, is a lost cause…
    It is not a lost cause. These video’s would ask that we think so.
    I tell you. Our country is not a lost cause….
    It’s been under verbal threat since first coming into being.
    The Nationals and regular citizens will, in the final battle, not allow this country to be defeated… long as there are 30+ million military vets, and yes, many are old…and so what…..
    this country will not be defeated……if or when a fight in the streets comes…
    As far as the videos and the propaganda via US G let it go out the other ear…

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