Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse

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This week’s Featured Video is from FPSRussia who has a mostly comical but slightly practical take on the Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse. Here FPSRussia breaks down their favorites and you get to see some aliens blown up in the process. There are no shortage of opinions on what is the best weapon for any given situation. Hey, even we have posted articles on the Top 5 firearms you need to get your hands on now and How to select the best handgun for self defense.

think there is a ton of value in hearing multiple viewpoints and opinions and there are so many right answers to these questions above if you ask me. I hope you enjoy this video below and get yet another opinion. Never hurts to watch stuff blowing up either…


5 thoughts on “Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse

  1. I like this guy, even if he is Russian.

    I also like his choices, insofar as anything that can be bought ‘legally’ (so to speak), and is readily available (depending on your location, though, I would assume).

    I still consider the AK the finest rifle (most dependable) ever made.

    1. #1,
      good video. I haven’t bought an AK yet. I still prefer the ARs. I did get a .308 a while back. I bought the Mossberg ATR. It was quite a bit cheaper than the Remington. I need a better scope, but it is a good weapon. The only thing I don’t like about it is there isnt a mount for a bi-pod. I am gonna have to remedy that some how.

    2. I like this guy because he is a TRUE Russian. Before the communist took over the population was well armed. Even now they are trying to get the gun laws repealed in their congress. Kosher Mafia however keeps shooting it down. Lot of Russians are fed up with the Zionist pigs keeping Russia down. Problem? very difficult to get guns. They look to us though as a standard of freedom. They love our right to bare arms and what freedoms they think we still have. I know this for a fact. Typical Russian lad though. Cocky as all get out, but probably a nice guy and I’d bet safely that when time comes this guy will be with us if he isn’t already. Tasting liberty is infectious. Hard life under totalitarianism and death tugging at them from the Kosher Commissars has made them tough and smart. Stay tuned. Think the Americans of Russian decent are going to show Americans a few things in the coming conflict. Just as the Germans have for 300 years, and as this also will in the future.

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