Confiscate Firearms from Americans but Leave the Drug Gangs Alone

We have been witnessing a media blitz specifically targeting the 2nd Article of our precious Bill of Rights.  This is nothing new, but it is pure hypocrisy as law abiding gun owners set square in the cross hairs, there is an intentional cover up afoot.  It is said that 11,000 Americans were killed last year in the US with guns and this is a number the enemies of freedom want left alone.  I think it would be prudent to break those numbers down, but as usual, through lack of recording by the insurgent government and lack of reporting by the mainstream media, the numbers are scattered and obscure to the point that they cannot be ascertained.

Here are the questions I would like to see answered by the so called expert providers of information.  How many of the 11,000 killed were shot by police and how many were killed by foreigners here illegally in this country?  There is absolute gun control in Mexico and 20,000 of their unarmed innocents were killed last year with guns.  But when you bring this fact up the propagandists counter, “Well, there is a drug war there.”

Though it is being buried by the mainstream, that drug war in Mexico has crossed over into the United States.  So here is a question.  How many of those 11,000 gun killings in the United States last year occurred as a result of gang warfare on the streets of our cities, with that warfare consisting of US drug gangs warring with Mexican drug gangs made up of illegal aliens?

The insurgents that have taken over our government want the real gun violence in the United States to be ignored as a part of their ongoing campaign to disarm our population and leave us at the mercy of the Mexican drug lords.  As we have mentioned many times on From the Trenches, there is an entire national park in Arizona down on the border that is occupied by armed foreign nationals, the Zeta Drug Cartel.

The insurgency puts forth the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and says we must get rid of our assault rifles to protect our children.  One day after the Sandy Hook shooting, an illegal alien Romero Roberto Moya, opened up with an AK-47 assault rifle, killing three adults and wounding a police officer and a baby.  This event was covered up in the mainstream media for the same reason that all of the murders committed by illegal aliens are.  You see it is not the guns that are being targeted, it is we American nationals.

The insurgent government has absolutely no problem with foreign nationals killing Americans with assault rifles.  In fact this is promoted as felonious illegal aliens are routinely released, over and over again, to murder Americans.  This is a part of the replacement of the American work force with a foreign slave work force and the attack on our 2nd Amendment is a deliberate action to facilitate our replacement and/or elimination.

They must get rid of the American national as we are the true owners of the property they are attempting to conquer.  If you are foolish enough to hand in your weapons of war, you will be reduced to not more than sheep slated for slaughter.  The insurgents from the south are heavily armed with assault rifles and high capacity clips, so are you going to get rid of yours?

Remember, just like every other unconstitutional law out there, any gun ban will be directed at American nationals and will have about as much effect on the Mexican drug cartels in the United States as they do down in Mexico.

5 thoughts on “Confiscate Firearms from Americans but Leave the Drug Gangs Alone

  1. “There is absolute gun control in Mexico and 20,000 of their unarmed innocents were killed last year with guns.”

    Most of them were probably killed with “fast and furious” guns, courtesy of the tyrants and killers that want to take our guns away.

  2. Yes. I think all guns should be confiscated! Just send them to me, and I will take care of them for you. You will feel so much better, really!

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