Connecticut Senator: Anyone Wanting a High-Capacity Magazine is “Arming Against the Government”

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

The same senator who admitted lying to Sandy Hook families to get them to come to Washington in order to have them lobby for votes on unconstitutional gun confiscation legislation, is now claiming that if you want a high-capacity magazine for your gun, then you must be “arming against the government.”

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), a virtually unknown senator until the Sandy Hook incident, has conspired with gun grabbing senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to co-sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s (D-CT) unconstitutional bill that would limit magazine capacity to only 10 rounds across the nation. This seems to be right in line with the Sandy Hook Commission, whose recommendations for Connecticut were completely without thought to the Constitution.  

Murphy pushed the bill only hours after an Army veteran was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up the Capitol building.

“Think of the damage that someone could do in the U.S. Capitol with 30 rounds,” Murphy said on Thursday.

I’ve got an idea for Senator Murphy and all the communist gun grabbers like him, think of the damage you could inflict on someone who would enter the Capitol building intent on doing damage if you weren’t passing such stupid laws that make yourselves vulnerable. Think of how insignificant those threats would be if you actually carried a firearm in the Capitol building and people were not restricted by pretended legislation that is in violation of the Second Amendment.

Furthermore, I don’t see Senator Murphy quaking in his shoes about armed federal agents, do you? Shouldn’t he be concerned that one might “go off the deep end” and use his weapon at the Capitol?

Oh, but wait, that isn’t the issue, is it? The issue isn’t the Capitol building. It’s pretty secure, guarded by men with lots of high capacity magazines. One could question the Connecticut Senator if the American public believes its government is arming against them. They’ve already shown their hand doing this on various occasions already.

While Rep. Esty claims that the number of co-sponsors for her unconstitutional bill has doubled since last year.

“The support is growing,” she said. “The momentum has not stopped.”

While that may be true of gun grabbing representatives, it is not true of the Constitution nor the American people.

In fact, the Second Amendment is clear that what these representatives are engaging in is illegal and criminal.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it give any authority to the federal government to write any law that restricts or regulates arms of any kind to the American people.

While many will point to the militia in the first half of the Second Amendment, the second part of it is aimed at “the right of the people,” and that right, the right to keep and bear arms, is not to be infringed.

Of course, Murphy, like a lot of gun grabbers equates being armed with hunting or sports.

Murphy stressed that he has not met “a single hunter or a single person who hunts for sport” who needs more than 10 rounds,” The Hill reported before updating their story.

Well, it’s a good thing that the Second Amendment wasn’t about hunting or sports, wasn’t it? It’s about a militia. It’s about keeping a free state. It’s about the individual’s unalienable right, a duty, to keep and bear arms in defense of life, liberty and property.

As far as I’m concerned, Senator Murphy and those he is conspiring with to violate the people’s rights and liberties, should be determined to be an enemy of the American people and dealt with accordingly, as the law demands.

As far as the American people are concerned, it seems that they side with the Constitution’s provision of the Second Amendment as well. A recent Pew Research Poll, released in December, showed that for the first time in over two decades, Americans show a stronger support for the rights of gun owners than they do the chains of government tyranny in restricting those rights.

In one sense, being armed is not only American, but it is to prevent a corrupt and tyrannical government from imposing such things as what Senator Murphy and these other co-conspirators are advancing. I’ll just warn them to remember history. When the British tried to do things like this, they found themselves in the midst of an armed citizenry and a revolutionary war they ultimately lost.

28 thoughts on “Connecticut Senator: Anyone Wanting a High-Capacity Magazine is “Arming Against the Government”

  1. We’re Americans, and we’re SUPPOSED to be armed against the government, Senator Murphy. That was taught to me in a government-run public school. What country are you from?

    1. He’s from the from planet stupid and ugly. Anybody with a mug as ugly as his deserves to have a high capacity mag stuffed down his throat. Then his head stuffed up Rosie O,Donnells ass.

    2. The dishonorable wretch is not from ANY country. He is an empty suit serving the globalist slavers. These soul-less lackeys will do and say anything to keep a tight reign on the power they think they have. What a joy it would be to see each and every one of their miserable faces at the very moment when they are finally betrayed by their masters, and recognize the doom that lies before them. THAT is one movie I would pay a theatre to watch on the large screen.
      NO!; and Hell NO!…..
      We will not bow, scrape, grovel or submit to the worst heap of human detritus on the planet; nor heed or follow any of their criminal escapades.
      Death to the New World Order

  2. He was an abused child. Probably fell on his head when he was spit out. Just glad they put pictures up of these idiots so we can have a visual reference when it comes to roping time.

  3. When you have people scheming up ways to enslave and exterminate you then yes people are arming up against the gov’t and for any other sick bastards that want to take over their lives.

  4. Well, it’s a good thing that the Second Amendment wasn’t about hunting or sports, wasn’t it? It’s about a militia. It’s about keeping a free state. It’s about the individual’s unalienable right, a duty, to keep and bear arms in defense of life, liberty and property.

    NO you f-in retard.
    The second amendment is NOT about the militia and the security of a free state.
    a militia being (a) necessary [evil] for the security of a free state) the people can posses arms to defend themselves from said “well regulated”(gov control) militia.

    Why is this so hard? why are so many people f-in retarded?

  5. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m arming against communist sponsored terrorists. If they wish to refer to themselves as a govt. then that doesn’t bother me much. They can’t keep lying to me if their sucking on daisy roots.
    Their accountability is our bullets.

  6. Well there is no denying that the local government AKA law enforcement has been arming up itself against the citizens for a long time now. No knock raids,MRAP’s cameras all over the place,military gear even for Mayberry,body armor and they wear masks because they know full well what they are doing is wrong and want to hide their cowardly faces. This at some point is going to get nasty and only a complete fool will be facing this unarmed. This is exactly what all this gun control BS is all about ,disarming the citizens so it will be so much easier to assault them!

  7. Yes, they have high capacity magazines, military assault vehicles, body armor, and millions of rounds of bullets. They have armed IRS agents along with many other governmental agencies that have nothing to do with law enforcement. Our police are trained in Israel with the same tactics that are used against the Palestinians. They have FEMA relocation camps all over the country. They conduct drills in our cities to prepare themselves for civil unrest. No, there’s nothing suspicious. But if you want a magazine that holds over 10 rounds, well, your a terrorist!

  8. Did anybody catch the joo with his hand up his ass moving his mouth like kermit the frog? He looks like he is from the same street corner bitchass lindsey graham is. Or did he go on hardcore diet? Hey senator. Kiss my ass. That is if you don’t have a joo cock in your mouth.

  9. Communisticut Corrupticut or whatever you want to call it, it’s not the constitution state as it’s supposedly named. There are only communists running the show there and they are backed by the same commies currently in control of the bigger picture. The absolute worst regions currently are the east coast and the west coast. They want and are taking our 2nd amendment away on both coasts and where ever else in the USA they can infiltrate. Take notice about why that may be. Could it be that the scumbags in control of this world are softening up the coastal regions of the US for something? Hint Hint Wink Wink Nodd Nodd The UN?? BEST ADVICE EVER is to get the heck out of that region all together and seek a more conservative region to reside in. There aren’t too many choices either.

  10. ““Think of the damage that someone could do in the U.S. Capitol with 30 rounds,” Murphy said on Thursday.”

    Thirty less politicians, even if they were ALL stinking jews, would hardly be noticeable.

    100 round mags would be much more ‘politically correct’.

    1. If that did occur, it would be our government and Israel cleaning house of dissenters and the blame will be a “lone wolf” terrorist with a high capacity magazine. You watch, another “lone wolf” terrorist will have a gun with a high capacity magazine and commit another “false flag” atrocity to further the gun confiscation agenda.

        1. Anything over 10 rounds is considered “high capacity”. Maybe they’ll use “buy back” programs although I suspect, if the law is enacted, they will make you a “felon” for possession of a government overthrow tool.

          1. Right? I agree Millard, just busting your stones a little. I always called them standard capacity, the antis started with the “high capacity” nonsense. IIRC, It wasn’t until the Clinton gun ban this term came up. Before that, all AR platforms shipped with two + 20 – 30 rounders.

  11. I’m more concerned about one of these psychologically impaired pigs with high capacity magazines and other “weapons of war” going rogue.

        1. Hey Paul, I got your e-mail and may try calling you today to discuss undisclosed factors. Talk to you soon, brother.

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