Conservatives Are “Treasonous” and “Hate America” – Michael Moore

Mr. Conservative – by Kristin Tate

Bill Maher and Michael Moore have become so pathetic, it’s actually hysterical.

On Maher’s show last night, Moore ripped the GOP-led House for voting (for the 37th time) to repeal Obamacare. According to Moore, Republicans clearly “hate America” and have sinister motives for opposing “everything” that President Obama does.  


If Moore weren’t so busy eating cheesy fries, he’d realize that most Republicans love America as much as he loves… cheesy fries!

Maher only echoed Moore’s ludicrous statements. Shocking.

Pointing to Republicans blocking major Obama appointments, Maher claimed that the GOP is “more about hating Obama than loving your country.” Moore nodded in a agreement, as they reveled in their self righteousness. It was adorable, really.

Moore then said Republicans are evil in an inspiring monologue  – and by inspiring, I mean nauseating. He said, “I think these conservatives and right-wingers really–for as much as they say they love this country–they hate it. They hate the government. They hate people… why is the government the big, evil bastard here?” Maher mockingly replied, “‘Cause, Mike, it got taken over by a Kenyan socialist, that’s why!”

Moore summed it all up by calling the GOP a mere “squealing dinosaur” whose time has come.

How profound, Mike.

tateWritten by Kristin Tate. 

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9 thoughts on “Conservatives Are “Treasonous” and “Hate America” – Michael Moore

  1. A**holes like moore, and others of his ilk, always blame others
    for what they’re actually doing.
    So whenever these creatures blame us for something, they’re
    actually exposing what they’re up to.
    Their irrational thought process makes as much sense as climbing
    down a mountain to get to the top…
    in other words, marxists and socialist are mentally ill.

    1. I have two sisters that think this way. Caused all kinds of hell in our family. Another sister is a wishy-washy Rino.

      Over the years I’ve learned how to detach. Now I’m an only child. 😉
      . . .

      1. I know the feeling, Cathleen. I get along great with my family now.

        So long as I leave the tin hat at home. 🙂

  2. Moore and Maher are idiots and have proven it over and again.

    Liberals complained for years that they were unfairly being accused of being “unpatriotic” – now they want to use the same tactic against their opponents.

    However, I also have to say that Republicans brought this on themselves. If you call names and scream about how people are unpatriotic when you are in power, you have no right to complain when they do the same to you.

    I got out of the service in 2001 and told a lot of Republicans that I thought Bush’s idea of “winning the hearts and minds” of our enemies was disastrous, because we should be cutting off immigration (the real cause of 9/11). These Republicans called me unpatriotic (just after I was out of the military) So Republicans proved they only support our troops, if our troops don’t speak up. Republicans deserve whatever they get coming to them. They started this war where we are forcing liberal values on to the third world instead of using our full military technology to displace our enemies and settle Americans overseas like we should do. Then they called us unpatriotic when we pointed out that Bush was setting the stage for the democrats to come in and use our military to force feminism and homosexuality onto the third world. What goes around comes around. Obama is the natural extension of what Bush started. If you cheered on Bush, you deserve Obama and his ilk.

    There is no such thing as a “new kind of war” or a “new kind of enemy” – the rules of war are eternal, as any thinking person who calls themselves a conservative knows. You displace your enemy and take their land or you go home. Anyone dumb enough to have supported Bush is a traitor to their country. Its because of Bush and his supporters that we are still wasting our time over there trying to force third world nomads into being modern democrats.

  3. This fat f**k who hasn’t been laid in decades “IF EVER” is a total failure as a sentient being!
    his asinine statement isn’t remotely believable!!!

  4. The really Big Lie is that most people think there are two different political party’s in the USA, the Dems and Repubs.

    That’s a lie, as there is only one party, the ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel’ party that has two wings; the Democratic and Republican.

    Both party’s are filled with traitors who don’t give a damn about Americans or this nation, these sleaze bags only exist to please their corporate masters and Israel.

  5. Michael Moore,

    You love Israel, hate America. You are treasonous because you know very well that Israel did 9-11 with the help of the Zionist elements in the Bush Administration, yet you still try to cover up for the true criminals who committed this hideous crime against America.

  6. You are watching self-indulging Zionists who hate your freedoms.

    There is no actual right-left paradigm, that’s all BS. There is the investment class, and the investment. The rich and the poor. No middle ground, just people headed one direction or the other.

    What happens is that the rich must feed off the poor in order to pay the vigorish imposed by the small cabal they serve. You will never hear these two turds argue against the money power that imposes its rule.

    What passes for civilization today is simply greed unleashed. PfMPE.

  7. If you’re offended by this because you identify as a conservative, you need to understand a great deal more about politics. the former conservative president brought this country to war, the current liberal president does nothing about it.The current liberal president has an identical agenda to the former conservative president. There is a false dichotomy out there fooling the individual into believing he/she has a choice.
    Are conservatives treasonous? ….Yes. Are liberals treasonous? …Yes

    It has to be understood that it’s not a treason to amerika, it’s a treason to humanity.

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