Court REJECTS FDA Request to Release Vaccine FOIA Documents Over the Next 55 Years – Orders Agency to Turn Over Tens of Thousands of Pfizer Docs Monthly

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

On Thursday, a Federal Judge “soundly” rejected the FDA’s panicked request for permission to produce hundreds of thousands of documents related to Pfizer and the Covid vaccines at a rate of 500 pages per month after the agency was ordered to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request last month.

The FDA’s unbelievable request would have allowed them to take an unbelievable 55 years to produce all of the documents.

But thanks to Texas Northern District Judge Mark Pittman’s ruling, the agency will be forking those likely damning records over within the next few months, at a rate of 55,000 every 30 days.

The first deadline, which is on January 31st, requires the FDA to turn over 12,000 pages, with the rest coming monthly after that. 

From Pittman’s decision:

“Accordingly, the Court concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance.

‘Stale information is of little value’ – the Court, agreeing with this truism, therefore concludes that the expeditious completion of Plaintiff’s request is not only practicable, but necessary. 

To that end, the Court further concludes that the production rate, as detailed below, appropriately balances the need for unprecedented urgency in processing this request with the FDA’s concerns regarding the burdens of production.

  1. The FDA shall produce the “more than 12,000 pages” articulated in its own proposal, see ECF No. 29 at 24, on or before January 31, 2022.
  2. The FDA shall produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.”

Wow. Considering what we got out of the first batch of documents, which was just 500 pages – you can bet there will be some damning data coming soon.

Aaron Siri, who is one of the lawyers working to process the FOIA request, announced the huge news on his Substack channel, calling it a “great win for transparency” and a huge step towards holding the corrupt public health bureaucracy accountable for hiding the data about the dangerousness of the experimental Covid vaccines from the public.

“This is a great win for transparency and removes one of the strangleholds federal “health” authorities have had on the data needed for independent scientists to offer solutions and address serious issues with the current vaccine program – issues which include waning immunity, variants evading vaccine immunity, and, as the CDC has confirmed, that the vaccines do not prevent transmission.

No person should ever be coerced to engage in an unwanted medical procedure.  And while it is bad enough the government violated this basic liberty right by mandating the Covid-19 vaccine, the government also wanted to hide the data by waiting to fully produce what it relied upon to license this product until almost every American alive today is dead.  That form of governance is destructive to liberty and antithetical to the openness required in a democratic society.”

After this decision, Fauci and the rest of the corrupt public health tyrants should be very worried.

Accountability is coming.

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3 thoughts on “Court REJECTS FDA Request to Release Vaccine FOIA Documents Over the Next 55 Years – Orders Agency to Turn Over Tens of Thousands of Pfizer Docs Monthly

  1. All that information should already be on the table NOW. This incremental bit saves time for the info to be doctored, doctored to just the right presentation for the corrupt court to slap the wrist of the corrupt FDA. And the damage is already done so they can stuff their documents you know where. Courts, FDA, Pfizer = Tyrannical Threesome.


  2. 55,000 pages per month?
    Why not 108 days? The amount of time it took to approve for emergency use?
    Why not stop all CV-19 injections?
    Clearly the FDA has shown who they really work for.
    I say hang them ALL!!!

  3. Ditto to both comments above…!!!!

    All BS ….All of this data MUST be digitized…!

    Don’t buy for a second that all of this can be in a single data dump…. Even if multiple sections within their Department…

    Fk them all

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